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On disc: Moi dix Mois

- Dixanadu - Felix Thelen - 10 stars


(Trisol - 2007)

After the end of Malice Mizer in 2002, Mana started his solo project which is called Moi dix Mois in 2003. Moi Dix Mois means Moi for me, the one for the beginning and zero for the eternity as well as number 10, Mois stand for the pregnancy. In Japan you count 10 months for pregnancy, not 9.
It's not a new band it's just Mana's solo project, the other members give him just their talent to show Mana's skills. He is not only a guitarist, he designs the clothes, compose and writes the lyrics and produces the music.
The music of Moi Dix Mois is near to the end phase of Malice Mizer - with melodic sacred music, dramatic voices, melancholy, romantic, depressing lyrics and hard drum beats give the music the perfect sound.
The new full album of Moi Dix Mois is a new dramatic, melodic base for this band.
The name means Dix - 1 for beginning and 0 for eternity - and Xanadu describes the Utopia. Its melancholy mix of hard e-guitar, sacred music and the deep voice of Seth. First song Dispell Bound is the intro, its very slowly and melodic. The next song I listen to is Exclude with many electronic parts and so adjusted voice / lyrics. Last Temptation sounds like an enhanced song from the album Dix Infernal - its called Tentation. Awesome, because there not many ballads in their program.
Immortal Madness is a very short electronic / guitar song with deathly vocals. A Lapis Nights Dream is a 30 second song which invite to dreaming. Only church organ.
Song number 8 of this CD is called Xanadu it makes me reverential, espacially the organ and the drums. It let the blood freeze in your veins.
Lilac Of Damnation is my favorite! It's first a mixture of slow organ and voices, but then it goes more to dark / melodic metal. Seth's wonderful voice fascinating you every time.

10 stars

Felix Thelen


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