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On stage: Kreator

- Moonspell, Kreator & Novembre - Feb. 2000 - Cologne (D) -
- W.O.A. - Aug. 2002 - Wacken (D) -
- Kreator - Feb. 2009 - Zagreb (Croatia) -
- Kreator, Voivod & Nachtmystium - Mar. 2010 - Toronto (Canada) -
- RockHard Festival - May 2010 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -
- W.O.A. - Aug. 2011 - Wacken (D) -

- Kreator, Voivod & Nachtmystium -
- March 9th 2010 - Toronto (Canada), The Opera House -

This was my first time at the Opera House. I missed Lazerus A.D. and Evile unfortunately, but came in time to see Nachtmystium's last three songs. The sound in the venue was great. It holds a lot of people (the place was packed by 10:30 or 11) but has the intimate feeling of a smaller venue. There are a couple tiered landings leading down to the main floor and stage, and a second floor balcony. There are three bars in this one room! One in the back and two on either side of the floor. In fact, the design was almost identical to the Palladium in Worcester, MA if you've been there, but a little smaller and giving the impression of being close to the stage no matter where you're standing.
The place was pretty full when I arrived, but not many people were moshing to Nachtmystium. The first thing I noticed was that the crowd was cleanly divided between old-school metalheads in their 40+ years and teenagers starting from probably 13. These were the majority, so there were not a *ton* of people my age, it seemed. So, getting back to the bands. I've come to appreciate Nachtmystium's newest album, Assassins, and that's partly the reason I came to this show. The album is a nice fusion of their psychedelic US black metal, already unique in itself, with a modern punk sound. Blake's vocals, while always a little too monotonous and flat on their prior black metal albums, is much better suited for the yelling choruses they use now. They sounded great at this show. They've retained the dense fuzz and psychedelia from their black metal sound (even perfected it) but improved it by adding punchier riffs, changes and breaks, resulting in songs that are more fun and accessible. Now it's more about throwing your fist in the air, drinking beer and jumping around wreaking havoc, as opposed to locking into a hypnotized headbang groove. Or perhaps they were even too epic for thrashy headbanging, more like serious hairswaying with an occassional fist. Now their sound is more energized, but still very seriously metal, so they've really become a headbanger's delight. Blake was also in great shape, having lost apparently a lot of weight recently. He was wearing form-fitting black pants or leggings with boots and a dark off-black band shirt, and looked as stylish as ever (the pants were definitely a bonus!). They finished up their set with the title track, Assassins, and without much to-do they exited to make way for the mighty Voivod.
Voivod played with the original lineup minus Piggy, their guitarist, who died a few years ago and has been replaced by Dan Mongrain of tech-death fame (playing live with Capharnum, Quo Vadis, Cryptopsy, etc). I never listened to Voivod until I recently discovered the two albums that Eric Forrest did vocals on while Bélanger was on leave - Phobos and Negatron. These are amazing, so I was inspired to see how these guys were live. They played a really fun set and definitely rocked the place. They played tracks off their late album and I believe Fuck Off And Die from the album Rrröööaaarrr. Bélanger was always smiling. He seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself and interacted a lot with the crowd. Although I don't like the new stuff on their studio albums, I thought their vocal choruses together added a lot to the live set. Blacky had a huge bass that looked like a weapon. The drumming and bass both sounded great.
Then Kreator came on and took things to a whole new level of thrash agression. They pulled songs out of my memory that I haven't heard in in ages, and the sound was fierce. The guitars have a sharp edge like a sawblade. They had tons of energy and rocked out on stage (doing the coordinated headbang together a lot) but at the same time maintained a cool, casual air. When I got up close during the encore, I couldn't believe that they didn't even appear to be sweating (especially Petrozza the vocalist, who was wearing a longsleeve). They're practiced performers, so it's no wonder they were able to deliver. They also had a stellar light show, and the stage art was nice. The drummer was on an extra high platform, so his huge drumset was imposing and it was easy to see him play. I thought the blond guitarist had an imperial expression that I thought was very German, but in fact he's Finnish. Anyway, their whole set was great, including the encore. Everyone was into it.
The bands that played tonight were really well matched, and Nachtmystium also fit the bill while adding some variety. This is probably part of the reason why the place was packed on a Tuesday night.

(guest writer)


- Kreator - February, 11th 2009 - Zagreb (Coratia) -

The date was the 11th of February 2008. and the German thrash metal legends Kreator, where visiting Zagreb, Croatia for the third time. In my mind were still fresh memories of an concert that took place 4 years ago in 2005 - which was spectacular! I just hoped this one will live up to my expectations or it will be even better. The bands that performed before Kreator where unfortunately missed by me. So I entered the concert hall when Caliban where playing their last song. I would say there where about 800 people and their number grew as the time for Kreator were coming.
You could feel the excitement in the air as the lights went dim and the intro started. After the intro the band members led by Mille came on stage and all hell broke loose. The first song they played was Hordes Of Chaos, and chaos it was. One huge mosh pit that never stopped through the whole song. Next they played one more new song, entitled Warcurse! Real killer of a song! Then Mille took us back into year '89 and announced song Extreme Aggression, as I mentioned crowd where moshing, banging and going absolutely wild. Song called Phobia was next from the album Outcast which has never been accepted from metal heads. Next two songs where taken from the Enemy Of God album, the songs are Voices Of The Dead and Enemy Of God. And then came yet another, I must admit, great song from the album Hordes Of Chaos - Destroy What Destroys You! The light that flashed on the stage, and a video wall that played behind the band gave yet another bonus to the stage mastery of Kreator. And was Mille always announcing every song with so much energy and power that it compelled you to mosh, bang and thrash! Than came three old school songs Pleasure To Kill, People Of The Lie and Coma Of Souls, I thought that the atmosphere was at it's highest, but during this three songs and it went even higher! Until the band went off stage they played Violent Revolution (with their video on the video wall), Terrible Certainty and Betrayer. The crowd shouted for the band and didn't wait for too long for their comeback and the hurricane of 4 songs came down. First was Amok Run, another fine tune from new album. Then came songs which brought us back into history Riot Of Violence, they where draining the last atoms of power in the people, absolute chaos! The one thing that was unusual is that they made a mistake and it made them stop the song, but people were not affected by there mistake and started chanting "Kreator, Kreator"! Mille looked at Ventor and at Christian, and in the style of great musicians and entertainers continued and finished the song. Everybody in the concert hall knew what is next after Mille had his little monologue and screamed "It's time to raise the flag of hate!" We knew that the time of the concert is running out, but Kreator served us the last old school bomb for tonight... Tormentor!
They thanked the audience and went of the stage, leaving us with a show we will remember for a while!

Marko Mihoci


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