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On disc: Ion Britton

- Eat Metal - Eamon O'Connor - 10 stars

Eat Metal

Eat Metal
(self-released - 1987)

How can one little 4-track EP kill and maim and punish like this?? By far one of my all time favourite private press EPs and band on the whole this battalion from NC, USA have obliterated all standards of power metal fury in 1987 on this. Each track is like stumbling on to a land mine, I tell you this fuckin band will destroy every nerve, blood vessel in your body and then smash your skull. Simply put, a perfect mix of vintage Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. The singer will melt your eardrums with his decibel destroying vocals on tracks like Illusination and the ultra ripping Nite Frite, the title cut is a Judas Priest like gem in and of itself. Batten down the hatches ye children of the night, this is heavy fuckin metal.

10 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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