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On disc: Heir Apparent

- Graceful Inheritence - Eamon O'Connor - 8 stars

Graceful Inheritence

Graceful Inheritence
(Black Dragon/Hellion Rec. - 1985/2000)

What I have here is a re-issue from Hellion Records and what a treat it is. This album takes me to a time when metal was true escapisim, where you could put on an album and forget all your troubles. The sound is a crisp Crimson Glory-type album, even bits of TNT's Intutition are felt on tracks like Tomorrow Night which, to me is the weakest song on the album due to the excessive keyboards here. Otherwise the vocals of Paul Davidson are in ripping form, tracks like The Servant, The Cloak, Gorgon's Liar all classic US metal bringing to mind elements of fellow WA legends Queensrÿche and no less as well as some Sacred Rite also. There is even a slight progessive feel on Running From The Thunder with its structure, however the chorus is a killer will stick in your head for quite sometime. Great metal bewitching and beautiful.

8 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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