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On disc: Elixir

- The Idol - Eamon O'Connor - 8 stars

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The Idol

The Idol
(Coldtown Records - 2002)

Memorable, melodic heavy fuckin NWoBHM. A compilation of demo tracks for what would be the follow up to their highly impressive debut Sons Of Odin. Packed to the ceiling with voltage violating solid riffing, textured vocals and bombastic rythym section this CD and/or vinyl will crepitate your senses with as much remorse as a tractor on a bug. Born To Die is my favourite track here clever and cynical, a realistic take on religion and the pious, other great tunes include Playing With Fire, Death Dealer and the insanely catchy Devil Rider. If you crave authentic NWoBHM in the vein of Blitzkrieg, Aragorn, Witchcross and Satan, this band is for you, without fail. Seek The Idol or die.

8 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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