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On stage: Destruction

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- Destruction - Oct., 12th 2008 - São Paulo (Brazil), Hangar 110

Destruction is back to Brazil! This time promoting the album D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N and speaking about this album, it's very nice indeed.
Well, I couldn't arrive at the venue in time to see the opening act Bloody, a thrash band from São Paulo, but I heard the comments; very powerfull and energetic band. Well, maybe next time.
In the break between the bands, a member of the staff went to the microphone warning the crowd to not go up to the stage, since accidents with microphones and stage dives are common and the guys will interrupt the concert if it happens, he said one of them broke a tooth in the last gig (ok, this happened to me when I was pretending to be pop star)! Silence in the crowd! But everything goes nice, nobody jumps on the stage to prove the staff guy is bluffing.
The German legend began with Curse The Gods intro, just to hear the the scream coming from the totally packed crowd! Amazing performance by Schmier, Mark and especially Mike; this guy looks like he is 20 years. He never stops!
The gig was like hearing a 'best off' album! Lots of total classics Eternal Ban, Mad Butcher - I wanted to see the fat guy with the hatchet on stage, but he didn’t show up -, Invincible Force and some new classics like Metal Discharge and Antichrist. Well, I have to speak about Mike again; he is awesome, not just the performance. He just play perfectly all the notes. He is some kind of Dimebag root thrasher (ok, I exaggerated…).
Some weird songs - I always like obscure stuff - like Cracked Brain, song released after Schmier left the band (1989) and the Plasmatics cover The Damned.
And then, to end the spectacle more absolute classics Tormentor, Death Trap, Total Desaster and Bestial Invasion. And I can't forget the nice drum solo copyright by Mark.
Great and hot night. Everybody happy, drunk and buying the official Brazil tour T-shirt - I got mine ;-)).
Congratulations to this eternal ban(d). More long years for them! And I think Mike and Schmier have all their teeth still!

Gus Rosa


Destruction, Candlemass & After All
- Nov. 10th 2005 - Bochum (D), Zeche -

That the shows at the Zeche always start early, especially when their are more then 2 bands, isn't news to me, but still due to heavy traffic it's almost impossible to get there in time when they start with the opening band at 18:15! And so we missed the Finnish. Sorry, guys! In the nick of time for After All we got in - the intro just began.
Not the first time that I had the chance to see After All and so I knew what to expect - Power Thrash Metal! The Belgiums played in their 35 min. set mainly stuff from their current release The Vermin Breed incl. Forgotten, Reasonable Doubt, Downward and The Great Divide. From their 2002 release Mercury Rising they played The Shadow Wall and last, but not least Slayer's Reign In Blood. Even if only about 50 people were in the venue the band gave 150%. Especially singer Piet Frocoul and the guitarist Dries Van Damme and Christopher Depree tried to heat up the audience. At least with the Slayer cover they could move the crowd. Good show, guys!
Then it was time for the Swedish doomsters - Candlemass. At the time Candlemass entered the stage there were about 250-300 people in front of the stage to watch them open up with Mirror Mirror off Ancient Dreams. Singer Messiah Marcolin presented his legendary doom dance. The illuminated crosses created a certain atmosphere - changing colors to fit to the light show. But that just supported the great show Candlemass delivered. Two more old songs - Bewitched and Solitude - followed, then it was time for some new stuff! From their self-titled comeback album they presented Witches and Black Dwarf - both blend into the old material perfectly. More great tunes like Crystal Ball, At The Gallows End and Demons Gate followed. The last song of the Swedish was Dark Are The Veils Of Death. Sure there are songs the fans expected and which they haven't played, but due to a strict curfew all bands had to cut down their stage set and so there wasn't time to play more. A pity! Hope the doomsters come back for more!
The change over took a little longer, but a then it was time for the German thrash legend Destruction. The trio opened up with Soul Collector from their current album Inventor Of Evil. Schmier and his companions came to rock the house and did a kind of 'best of' set with some new tracks. So Nailed To The Cross and Mad Butcher followed. Unconcious Ruins and a medley came next. Then Candlemass fans started to leave, not all, but more then a handful fans left. Thrash Til Death was the motto of the night and with Metal Discharge and The Butcher Strikes Back they offered some new songs. The setlist presented lots of 80's songs and had a few surprises for their fans. Never been a big fan of the thrashers, but I saw them a few times in the 80's and I preferred soundwise line-up with 2 guitarists. But that's a matter of taste, so don't feel offended! The Alliance Of Hellhoundz was the final track and as on the album Messiah Marcolin joined Destruction on stage. Okay, Messiah needed a CD booklet for the lyrics, but well... Someone had told Schmier that Kreator mainman Mille Petrozza was in the audience and so he asked him to join the band. Mille finally made it onto the stage and joined in for the chorus. A unique event, even if it didn't work out 100%. But that's live!

Resume: Good bands, intense shows and some magic moments.

Claudia Ehrhardt

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