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On disc: Dr. Doolittle

- Every Man Needs A Woman /
Labyrinth (Single)
- Eamon O'Connor - 5 stars

Every Man Needs A Woman / Labyrinth (Single)

Every Man Needs A Woman / Labyrinth (Single)
(Balkanton - 1988)

Ironically I recieved this around the time I was going through hell with my own personal problems,so to hear a song called Every Man Needs A Woman given me troubles, was the last thing I needed. This band is from Bulgaria. No picture is on the sleeve and it's a very strange packaging the 7" comes in a nice thick jacket, the artwork is a picture of some grand cathedral. When you flip it over the label has a ridicioulus picture of a bass guitar, a butterfly and a very 70's looking organ!
Musically Every Man Needs A Woman is a sappy acoustic ballad which sounds a lot like get this... Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison. The singer even sounds a bit like Bret Micheals, too. The other song Labyrinth is a very deceny Euro metal track, recalling Attack or Veto and Seventh Star-era of Black Sabbath. All in all the production is good and this just may make an interesting touch to your collection as long as you can excuse the ballad. I also wonder whatever became of this band. It makes you wonder also where in the hell do bands think up their names? Dr. Doolittle???? Oh well an oddity for sure, a necessity I reserve judgement on that one...

5 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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