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On stage: Cage

- Bang-Your-Head - June 2004 - Balingen (D) -
- Mägo de Oz Fest - May 2007 - Mexico City (Mex) -
- Cage & Dragonsfire - May 2009 - Oberhausen (D) -
- Cage, Six Minute Century & Metavenge - Dec. 2009 - Houston, TX (USA) -

- Cage, Six Minute Century & Metavenge -
- December 10th 2009 - Houston, TX (USA), Fitzgerald's -

Cage in Houston

Cage in Houston

Cage in Houston

Cage in Houston

This was another show that seemed to lose some of it's luster by the cancellation of Circle II Circle, but turned out to be one of the better shows of the year. First up were Houston teen thrashers, Metavenge. Expect to see big things from these kids in the future, even though they range in age from 15-18 years old. If you are a fan of old school Metallica and Testament, you'll love this band. They ripped through a set of mostly originals plus covers of Cemetary Gates and Caught In A Mosh. Next up was Houston prog metal band, Six Minute Century. If you like soaring vocals and shredding guitar, you'll like SMC. Singer Chuck Williams, guitarist Don LaFon, drummer Darrin Davis, and new bassist Mike Milsap tore through songs from their first CD, Time Capsels (available on Nightmare Records) starting with Under the Moonlight, including Zero Hour, and ending with The Perfect Picture, but included a new song, Paying Death's Toll. Now to the headliner. This was Cage's first show in Texas, I knew I was in for a treat after seeing them at sound check. I had been up in the balcony, video taping the show up to this point, but for Cage, I turned the camera on when the lights went down and planted myself at the stage, where I belong. The crowd was less than I hoped for, but not surprising considering it was a Thursday and the headliner, Circle II Circle, had cancelled the day before. The lights went down to the intro to Science Of Annihilation and the band jumped right into Planet Crusher. Singer Sean Peck was in command from the start, wearing this leather jacket that was equal parts Rob Halford and Ace Frehley. Not only is he an amazing singer, but a terrific front man, spending the right amount of time rapping with the crowd and even holding the mike out to let people in the audience (like me) sing. He jokingly introduced the band as Circle II Circle, and later thanked them for the extended set and called the encore the 'Circle II Circle' set. The rest of the band was awesome as well, guitarists Dave 'Conan' Garcia (who is built like an action figure) and Anthony McGinnis are shredders, drummer Norm Leggio was flawless, and fill in bassist Steve Brogden is a great performer as well. Though some hard core fans may find it cheesy, from Kiss to Priest to Warrant, I love synchronized stage moves, and Cage did plenty. Their set list consisted of songs from their last three albums, Hell Destroyer, Darker Than Black, and the latest, Science Of Annihilation. The only exception being their last song, The Final Solution from Astrology. They were great on stage, but they were equally cool off stage, starting with Sean Peck walking up and introducing himself to me after sound check. They were in the crowd for the opening bands, and hung out after the show. I hope Cage makes Houston a regular stop, because I won't miss them.

Set List:

Planet Crusher
I Am the King
Kill the Devil
The Scarlet Witch
Hell Destroyer
Black River Falls
Speed Kills
The Metal Devil
King Diamond
Stranger in Black
The Final Solution

Jody 'Snakebite' Hickman

- Cage & Dragonsfire -
- May 21st 2009 - Oberhausen (D), Helvete -

Dragonsfire live

Cage live

Cage live

With Science Of Annihilation San Diego's Cage have a new great album to present, but the tour started before the CD got into the stores... If that was the reason why just a few dozens of fans came to see them? Well, it was probably one reason, but two days later Helstar should play in the area and the RockHard Festival was only a week away... Its the first time Cage come on tour and decided to do a headliner club tour, playing small places. As support they had Dragonsfire with them and I confess, I haven't heard of them before. The foursome entered the stage and before they kicked off their set drummer Jan made some jokes and it was obvious that they want to have fun, not taking things too serious. The 3rd song was a cover version of The Trooper which made it a bit easier for the people to get into them. With Dragonsfire Rockxxx they played a song which should make everybody remember the bands name. And with a song like Burning For Metal they showed what drives them. It was fun to see them on stage and it seems that they made some new friends tonight!
After a break it was time for some Cage metal! The band was on stage, only singer Sean Peck was missing when the intro started and they kicked off with a new track - Planet Crusher! On the small stage of Helvete the quintet hadn't much space to move, but they still did their best. And right from the start they rocked the house! After I Am The King the fans shouted "Metal God! Metal God!" which Sean commented "No, I prefer to be called Metal God Jr.!" Even if he was pleased, he mentioned that this is a band - and so the fans started to shout "The other guys! The other guys!" That made the band smile. With Kill The Devil the band got surprised by a crowd surfer. One of my favorites on Science Of Annihilation is Scarlet Witch - and so I was happy that they played this one. Actually Cage played quite a lot new songs, but it worked, coz Sean and his pack always focus on melodies, even if they play fast. Hell Destroyer was embedded into new songs and with Metal Devil and Final Solution they ended their set. But it didn't took long til they returned! King Diamond, Operation Overlord and Science Of Annihilation were chosen for the encore. Too soon it was over, but fans and band were exhausted. It's a pity that they had to play in front of a small crowd, but it seemed that Cage enjoyed being on stage. Hopefully more fans will show up next time they come over! Especially as Cage offer a great show for little money - tonight the ticket was only 10 Euro! Perhaps they should have hooked up with Helstar....

Claudia Ehrhardt


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