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- I am Future / Child Saint - Eamon O'Connor - 8 stars

I am Future / Child Saint

I am Future / Child Saint (Maxi-Single)
(self-distribution - 1988)

Somewhat doomy heavy metal from California, I love these 2 tracks. I Am Future displays the resonating and clear vocals of Bob McCormack, and the hammer to the head rythym section of this entity. There is a Black Sabbath influence here and they sound a bit like fellow Californian metal men Pandemonium - on this one. The title track is where eyebrows can be raised - in addition to fists of course. It's amazing how close the riffing on this thing is to Rust In Peace by Megadeth. I swear it's a slower version of the song! Hell, even the vocals tilt slightly to Mustaine's whether or not they shared rehersal space with Mustaine & co. in the 80's - as it's rumored - is true or not, this 12" contains 2 diamonds and is constantly on my turntable, very simply packaged and still pricey about 150-250 Euro is a piece of metal history. Not because it was groundbreaking or anything like that, but because to put it simply it rules, it just bleeds a time when metal was pure and the whole excitement and glory of that golden era is is captured so well here.

8 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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