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On stage: Blaze

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Blaze - December, 28th - Verviers (B), Spirit Of 66 -

Christmas is over and at the following Sunday British group Blaze come to Verviers to play a headlining show in this small Belgium city. The band of former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley not that often is playing as a headliner and so the club was filled with metal fans who came to see more then just the short program. The band started with Ghost In The Machine, as usual. First surprise was that not John Slater was on guitar! Jason - Wayne's brother - jumped in for this few shows, coz John couldn't do it this time. The position behind the drums isn't permanently filled, Dave is one of the candidates and in January 2004 a decision shall be made. Meanwhile this line-up come on the continent for a few shows and it didn't looked like they are just came together to do this show. The band sounded tight and presented very powerful the songs from Silicon Messiah and The 10th Dimension as well as some old Iron Maiden ones. Frontman Blaze soon built up a contact with the first rows and soon the fans sang along. Iron Maiden fans got first presented The Virus and Brave New World. Surely guitarist Steve Wray played most solo parts, but even Jason got the chance to. The set included songs like Sign Of The Cross, Silicon Messiah, Kill & Destroy, Identity, 10th Dimension, Stare At The Sun, Speed Of Light, Futureal, Born As A Stranger and as encores Two World's Collide and Man On The Edge. Blaze thanked the fans several times for coming out and mentioned that the audience was fantastic. And he was right, the audience was fantastic, perhaps coz not that many bands come to that part of Belgium... Soon the show was over and fans kept hanging round in the club. They didn't have to wait very long until the band showed up to sign everything and to let photos be taken. If you expect that they all were waiting for Blaze Bayley, you're wrong! Even the temporary guitarist and drummer were asked to sign and it seemed that everybody was happy about tonight's show.
Thank you Francis for another year of metal at Spirit Of 66! Keep doing shows!

Claudia Ehrhardt

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