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On disc: ZX Spectrum

Alms - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(self-released - 2009)

Not much to tell about ZX Spectrum, the Latvian band quartet was founded in 2000 and this is their 2nd EP which can be downloaded at their website. I saw them labeled as death'n'rock, but beside the vocals there aren't death metal elements in their music - at least I haven't found any....
Musically the opener presents heavy metal with a rock vibe and raw vocals. The vocals of Kosta have slight death-ish touch.... But musically they are based in heavy metal which they show at the opener 60 Days. At Fair Facts they speed up a bit, power metal sounds with a dash of rock and pinch of COB (vocals). Quite melodic, but still heavy is Ignore & Forget.
A bit heavier is Waste To Waste, based on a heavy groove, but again it's the lead guitar which makes the song interesting. The closer is called Mess and the opening guitar part is based on some more traditional heavy metal. Without the melodic guitar play their songs wouldn't stick, but the guitar melodies are catchy. While the rough vocal style adds some heaviness. Towards the end of Mess the bass get the chance to shine for a moment before the more thrashy riffing takes over again.
ZX Spectrum aren't innovative and some might dislike the vocals while others find the music to shallow... Anyway, the guitar play is more then decent and even if they present familiar sounds, it's fun to listen to it. It's a free download, so give them a chance!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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