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On disc: Zero Illusions

Oblivion - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(ZL Productions - 2011)

The Swedes are in their 7th year of existence, and have so far released one prior album, but now it's time again to release another try. They have made 11 new songs that has very different quality about them, different directions musically. The greatest focus are on the melodic side of metal, maybe trying to keep the flag high as Sweden already have several great metal bands, Hammerfall, Sabaton etc, but they make it difficult for themselves with all these mixes of songs that they have. Instead of one solid style they have some strange and bizarre guitar compositions that they really could do without, e.g. Honesty, Oblivion, Follow The Sign. But enough criticism; Zero Illusions also have good songs as Son Of The Devil, filled with mid-tempo guitar metal and good melodic lines, Call Of Duty is a slow and melodic piece with great ambitious sound where the heaviness lay as a background rhythm, Who Are You gets you rocking with very heavy guitars combined with splendid melodic rock qualities, and the best song I can find is Alive, here the style is more aggressive heart tearing classical metal. To round the album up there are few songs that seems rather confusing in the composition: Rise To The Challenge, Get Out, Carpe Diem, Enemy Within.

So it is a bit of everything, where I would have expected a more direct line in their music, especially as it's only their second album all together.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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