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On disc: Zeraphine

Kalte Sonne - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Whiteout - Andre Stasius - 9 stars


(BMG - 2010)

This year Zeraphine celebrate their 10th anniversary and they do it with a new album. The fans of the dark rock outfit had to wait for years, their last full-length album Still was released in 2006 and beside a few concerts there wasn't much going on. But everybody who knows Sven Friedrich knows that the electro project Solar Fake also eats up a lot time and energy. And so the 2007 best-of album Years In Black was the last release of the band which arose of the ashes of Dreadful Shadows.
In the past Zeraphine offered poetic soundscapes which were embedded in dark rock and partly electronic sounds. Lyrically they use their mother tongue as well as English. Looking back one will remember countless catchy Zeraphine tunes. At Whiteout a dreamy instrumental intro leads you to Lieber allein and it's obvious that during the creative break they didn't forgot how to do it. Soon they rock and at the second song Sven Friedrich's voice is slightly distorted.
The following songs are varying and offer melodies and powerful guitar play - and they stay on the chosen path. Music which acts like a neurotransmitter just to enchant the listener. Especially the mid-paced tunes I Will Be There, Louisa, Rain Falls and Remaining Desires shine with their emotionality and melody while catchy refrains make them memorable. Out Of Sight is a rock tune with slightly reminds me of Placebo and which will hook you up. The balladesque Tomorrows Morning sticks out with piano and violin - and it's melancholy atmosphere. Witheout is follow the path Zeraphine chose years ago and continues what they started with their 2006 release Still.
Resume: Welcome back, Zeraphine! It was worth waiting. The new album offers quite a few songs which have the hit potential. About 50 minute entertainment la Zeraphine.

9 stars

Andre Stasius
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Kalte Sonne

Kalte Sonne
(Drakkar - 2002)

Zeraphine are a kind of continuing what Dreadful Shadows did, but it's not exactly the same. Zeraphine are singer Sven Friedrich and guitarist Norman Selbig, both were part of Dreadful Shadows and after the band broke up started something new. Fans of their old band will probably need a little longer to get into their new music. The music of Zeraphine is addressed to fans of dark, gothic metal and wave mainly, but they add some electro sounds and sometimes it really rocks... Another difference to their former band is that this time singer Sven Friedrich sings German! He managed very well to write emotional lyrics which fit from the vocal melody to the sounds which might be more difficult in German. On the other hand it's his mouth tongue and it might be easier to find words to express the melancholy of his thoughts. But it might sound strange to people who don't understand German....
The tune Die Wirklichkeit starts with keyboards and a guitar riff which sounds familiar... It reminds me of Paradise Lost's Elusive Cure, but when singer Sven joins it gets his own identity. It's a dark, gothic metal song, others like Unter Eis are more an electro wave tune and isn't as emotional and melancholic as e.g. Sterne sehen. An interesting album which in my opinion lives through the lyrics, so for everybody who doesn't speak German, give it a try and see if it works for you as well....
Try: Sterne sehen, Die Wirklichkeit and Siamesische Einsamkeit

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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