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On disc: Zed Yago

- - ... From The Twilight Zone / The Best Of Zed Yago - Amir Djawadi - 4 stars

... From The Twilight Zone / The Best Of Zed Yago

... From The Twilight Zone / The Best Of Zed Yago
(Steamhammer - 2003)

A quick look at the calendar... Yes, Christmas is coming! How you get this idea? Well, when tons of best-of CDs get released in all music genres, then Christmas is near and so even the metal genre is following the unwritten business rule.
This time it's a collection of songs from Zed Yago. The German band of front lady Jutta Weinhold was just in the spotlight for 4 years, but reached the status of a cult act in this short time. And so now - 10 years after they broke up - this double CD hit the stores as a special price offer. On the 2 CDs are 22 songs which includes all their hits, live recordings and some demo stuff. So this is the chance for everybody who don't have a CD of the Germans yet to get the best of the Hanseatic. And even if you already own some stuff of them... Christmas is just around the corner.
For collectors it might be interesting, coz the songs partly are new mixed and remastered. Beside that you find on CD no. 2 the video of Black Bone Song and additionally you get a nice booklet with rare photos of the band. So don't waste time and get to the next record shop! There are waiting more then 100 minutes of metal for you!

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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