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On disc: Anthony Zaro

From A To Z - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

From A To Z

From A To Z
(One Louder - 2008)

Never heard of Anthony Zaro? Well, no surprise, cause this is the debut album of the young singer and guitarist. With From A To Z the German foursome presents an album full of pop rock tunes which Anthony Zaro wrote through the years. The opening track Hello! was already released - part of Hello! Hello! EP. The song has the flair of a singer / song writer tune, but in a rocky way. The following tune Chosen has a melancholy edge and is based on acoustic guitar and vocals. A beautiful, touching balladesque tune. The songs on From A To Z maybe simple in a way, but emotional and authentic. Playing live got them a fan base and they won some contest and played Rock am Ring 2008! And yes, the music will get more intense live and so should easily get you. But after some slow balladesque tunes they start to rock with Betrayed Me. A bit heavier, guitar-based and up-tempo this one comes over you. At Get Away you even get some metallic riffs, and they cross the border to hard rock. Another facet they show with the up-tempo rock tune How It Ends - a danceable tune. One of my faves is One For Me, an emotional ballad. From the rock tunes I dig No Retreat. But check Anthony Zaro out yourself at their MySpace!
Zaro's rock has a slight pop appeal and catchy melodies which will soon haunt you. It's good to know that even a German band can make an album like this and make it with an album like this - even if at the moment at a small level -, but in the US this music should get airplay at rock radio! Have a good time listening to these tracks!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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