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On disc: Ygodeh

Dawn Of The Technological Singularity - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Dawn Of The Technological Singularity

Dawn Of The Technological Singularity
(MDD Records - 2011)

Latvia isn't known as a heavy metal hotspot, now a band called Ygodeh is trying to put Latvia on the world map of metal. The quartet started Ygodeh in 2010 and released this EP on their own. Now they found in MDD Records a distribution partner to help them spread the word.
The intro leads into Dawn Of the Technological Singularity with complex rhythmic patterns, symphonic elements, then the symphonic element is replaced by synth sounds. With heavy riffs they kick off Thus Is The Will Of The Swarm, a complex, technical death metal track with tempi changes and synth sounds. It's a sonic roller coaster ride! Progressive, complex, atmospheric sound... you get it all. Synthesizer sounds lead you into Lord Of Rays (Dedicated To N.Tesla), then heavy riffs and hammering drums join in. With a gothic passage they surprise the listener, just to offer a heavy, riff-based part. Some passages are almost catchy... And the deep spoken words fit well to this mix, better then growls would do. At The Red Plague they start with a choir which seems to be taken from one of the old Soviet movies - where the women sing at work to praise their leaders -, then they head into this mid-paced death tune where they combine fast double-bass drumming with lava-ish riffs - but they speed up later on. After the fast Before The Skies Are Painted Black they offer an almost danceable tune called Matrix Cracked, if you can imagine a mix of EBM and death metal, then you'll have an idea what to expect. The opening passage of Misery Index is showing similarities to Bay Area thrash and the guitars keep carrying this vibe, even when they storm off into a fast death metal part. Another sonic journey through different soundscapes. The closer is Tilting At Windmills, a technical death metal track with speed changes.
Ygodeh are not the typical death metal outfit, they try to create something new, even if that means they limit their target group. Even if you'll find reminiscences to some well-known bands, there sound is quite unique. Death metal fans who are open-minded should give it a try! Purist won't fall for Ygodeh!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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