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On disc: Yattering

- Genocide - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars


(Candlelight Records - 2003)

The Polnish quartet Yattering was founded in 1996. Still 3 of the founding members are part of the band. Genocide is the 3rd release and presents a kind of doom death metal, but some added elements make it sound weird partly.
Schism gives a good idea about the bands sound, even if some guitar parts sound strange to me. Track #3 Message To M.A.R.I.O. is just a few words and the sound of a shoot. Then Now Adapted Socially starts straight ahead. Again there are guitar lines which would fit more to power metal... The songs fade into each other.
I'm sure that there are people who'll love this album. Personally I have my difficulties to get into it. Not my cup of tea, but if you like extreme death metal which has some unusual elements, give it a try.

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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