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On disc: Yargos

- To Be Or Not To Be - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

o Be Or Not To Be

o Be Or Not To Be
(AFM Records - 2005)

The band been on hold for ages - they been active in the early 70's - and now they are back with this album. Sure, the line-up changed, but with Threshold singer Andrew 'Mac' McDermott they recruited an amazing singer. Mac is sharing vocal duties with Anca Graterohl, some might remember the all-female German band Rosy Vista or know her from her work with Pallas, but for many Anca is a nobody, even if she is active for more then 2 decades. The band logo reminds me a bit of Eloy... Musically the Hannover-based band is presenting catchy progressive rock / metal. The album opener The Guilded Cage is well chosen and gives you an idea what Yargos is about. More positive sounding then Threshold, a touch of Eloy - but heavier - and the catchiness of bands like Bon Jovi, Asia and Saga. Guitar-driven with almost wave-like keyboard sounds and some bombastic sound elements. This might sound a bit strange, but listen to the album! A bit heavier then the others is A Time To Decide - a bit more metal then the others. Here they citate Pink Floyd for a short moment. The ticking clock some might see more as a citation of Pink Floyd - Pink Confusion starts with it - but this is more a short intermezzo then a song and other bands used ticking clocks, too. At Point Of No Return Anca get the chance to step forward. Human Nature is riff-based and shows some more aggression - guitars and vocals -, but the AOR-ish chorus takes off the edges. At some point the keyboard has some Tull-attitude... Perhaps this song presents the album best, even if the other songs are less heavy... Here they show all the different elements of Yargos' sound. The other edge of their sound universe is presented by Time Drops - which starts balladesque and the piano theme returns during the song, even if there are bombastic parts. The difference between the vocal / piano parts and the bombastic band parts with a mighty choir makes this one outstanding.
The songs almost lead into each other so that it's like one medley and so time is flying and too soon it's over. This makes it even tougher to pick single songs, beside that you can check out every song and you won't pick a bad one! Their mixture is very unique.
If the title To Be Or Not To Be should be a statement that this album will decide about the bands future, then I just hope that they will be! A great album which should find its way into many households... One of my highlights in 2005!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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