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On disc: Yaotl Mictlan

Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaac - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars

Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaac

Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaac
(Candlelight Records - 2011)

This band is from Utah, USA, but they have their origins in Mexico and their texts are in Spanish. They have released their second full-length CD which is called by the name Dentro del Mantro Gris de Chaac. Yaotl Mictlan focus on the loss of the traditional Mexican culture due to the colonization, but there are absolutely no resemblance to the freedom fight that the Mexicans had against the Spanish aggressors in the old days when Zorro was the hero and led the fight of the Mexican people. The nearest they come to this aspect is in the song Noche Triunfadora where there are massive voices of horses and pigs to accompany the song. Otherwise the whole album (8 songs) are of very poor quality. Generally no substance at all, no rhythm, just massive growls. It seems as though the music is not the important thing for Yaotl Mictlan, it's more significant for them how they appear on the stage. Part of the show is to display black metal symbols, and hoods, and a scene show including bodies coming out of puppets. But the music itself is difficult to get a grip on.

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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