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On disc: Yana Raymi

- Ayllu Sañachkan - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Ayllu Sañachkan

Ayllu Sañachkan
(self-released - 2006)

Usually there is not much information about Peruvian bands floating around. The band Yana Raymi was founded in 2005 and Ayllu Sañachkan is their 2nd demo. Musically they are based in heavy metal, but add some elements of black metal, death metal, doom and folk. The sound quality isn't very good, but a raw sound would somehow fits to the music, even if a better production would give it more power.
At the opener Ollantay you get a first impression. They use different speeds, growls, grunts and clean backing vocals as well as a female counter part. They switch between black and death metal and don't hesitate to add other sounds. The guitar work at Triunfo de Guerra is based in traditional heavy metal and again you hear a woman singing. As far as I know they had a girl singing and so perhaps the growls and grunts are done by some other band member... Coz at Triunfo de Guerra the majority is sung by a girl. This track is more based in heavy metal with thrash elements, but also slow doomy parts. Slowly and quite atmospheric starts Indio Inmortal. Reminds me a bit of Tiamat at times of Wildhoney... But a bit later they speed up, add some heavy riffs and growls. Estirpe is a heavy metal track with some catchiness, a but NWoBHM-like....
Well, I know that many bands don't have to resources to do a proper demo, even these days. But a certain sound quality makes it easier to judge. Metal fans who are curious to hear some Peruvian band, check them out. The mixture of different styles is interesting, but have to be a bit better balanced. Let's see, if we will hear more of them in future... But they will need to have a better production to get some attention!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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