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In Words: Winter's Verge

- Winter's Verge - Mar. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Christopher - May 2012 - Lars Bjørn -

Winter's Verge
© Winter's Verge

Christopher - May 2nd 2012 (by email)

Since our first interview with Winter's Verge there has been a new album from them, so we took the chance to get their comments to the situation right now in 2012.

We also had the joy to make an interview with you 2 years ago, and now it is time for your 3rd album Beyond Vengeance. You seems to have a good line-up now in the band, finding the right members. How did you put your band together in the beginning? And why did you choose the name Winter's Verge?

First of all thanks for having us again. As for the question I guess the creation of Winter's Verge was not any different than most bands, just 5 guys wanting to create music and to make records. The name came from the fact that living here in Cyprus we have very hot summers, so we were talking about how we like winter but then again we don't have cold winters, we are only sort of on the verge of winter, that's how the name Winter's Verge came to us.

When did you start writing songs for your new album Beyond Vengeance?

Actually this album was put together pretty quickly. If I remember correctly we were given 2 different dates for the studio but one date was five months earlier, we didn't want to delay it so having chosen the earlier one we had to really step on it and finish all the ideas that were on the table. This was in early 2011.

How long did the recording process take? Where did you record Beyond Vengeance? Who produced the album?

The recordings were done once again at Prophecy and Music Factory studio in Kempten, Germany and lasted 15 full days. As on the previous albums the team was the same, sound engineered by Christian Schmid and produced by RD Liapakis.

Who did the artwork? It's like a fantasy. How is it tied to the album title?

It was done by Jonas Kawalek. We threw around some ideas of what we would like it to be and he came up with the fantasy aspect. As for the cover itself it's a battle of good and evil which suits the title because there is an on going story (concept) that we have with one song from each album so far. Eternal Damnation from the 1st album, I Swear Revenge from the 2nd and now Unto The Darkness. These songs are connected.

Which songs do you think represent Beyond Vengeance best - beside Not Without A Fight which you did a video for - and why?

It's a funny question because none of us from the band believe that one song or another represents the album, we sort of think that this time one has to listen to it all to get the vibe. We are happy with what came out from the recordings and we each like different songs. From the reviews it has shown that some songs are preferred but as a band we would probably go with Dying, Paper Is Blank and Unto The Darkness. These songs pretty much cover most of what is going on in the album.

I guess you already got some feedback on your new album. Are you satisfied so far?

The thing is that you never get only positive or only negative feedback, you always have reviews that are great and then some that are not so great but overall we are happy with what has come to us. Mostly it has been really positive stuff and everything shows that this album is being accepted as a step up from the previous one.

How was the show with Mystic Prophecy in Limassol? Can we expect to see something at your YouTube channel soon?

Oh the show was great! Really fun opening for Mystic Prophecy. Their new album is awesome and it was a pleasure opening for them. Of course eventually something will show up on YouTube from the concert, if it didn't already that is.

What about playing live? Your calendar is not so full at the moment... Is there anything new on the way about live concerts?

Unfortunately 2 members of Winter's Verge live in England at the moment and the other 3 in Cyprus. It's not so easy to book gigs so we are waiting for promotional tour for the album to really get out there and support another band as we did for Tales Of Tragedy with Stratovarius. We think that this will probably happen In October.

You played some shows with Stratovarius awhile ago. How was it to support Stratovarius? Did you video some stuff? Might make it available via your YouTube channel?

Opening for Stratovarius was great for us. We met new fans and we had a great time. We did make a Rockumentary of our tour with them and it is on YouTube, but unfortunately we don't have any footage of the live performances other than the amateur videos on YouTube.

As a kind of appetizer you released a video for Not Without A Fight last year. Please tell us about the making of the video clip! Where did you shot the outside stuff?

Making video clips is usually fun, a lot of laughs and funny moments. We really enjoyed it! The outside stuff was shot in a village called Ayios Sozomenos which is an abandoned village in the Troodos mountains.

Will you do another video? If so, which song for? And if you should have already shot it, please tell us about it!

At the moment we are actually talking about a next video. but truth is we haven't really decided yet which song it will be.

What's next on your schedule? Anything you want to add?

The plans are to go on tour to support this album, meet new people and continue what we are doing with the next album to come. We know we have many fans across the world and many others that may not like what we are doing, but as long as we still have fun with it and people support us we will go on and see who ever we shall see on the road. Rock On!!!

Thanks a lot for the interview, see you on the road.

Lars Bjørn


Winter's Verge
© Winter's Verge

Winter's Verge - March 16th 2010 (by email)

Winter's Verge are a power metal outfit from Cyprus and some might saw them on tour with Stratovarius. Their album Tales Of Tragedy was just released via Massacre Records, time to learn a bit more about these guys!

I guess, the last months been quite exciting for you, the release of the album and the tour with Stratovarius. So how does it feel to get now the fans' and media's attention?

It has been great! Getting to know the fans and getting general attention is what every band wants.We had a wonderful time on this tour and the making of the album!

Talking about the tour... You only did play a part of the tour, mainly Eastern Europe... Beside Tracedown they had Mystic Prophecy at the first part, then you and at the end Dream Evil. How was it to be on tour for the first time? And only do a part of the tour?

It was indeed our first time on a tour of this scale. The feeling was just as we imagined it to be, very Rock 'n Roll!! From what I understood there must have been an empty gap on the tour dates where neither Mystic Prophesy nor Dream Evil could fill in and we were lucky to have been offered the position, so being only on part of the tour was still amazing for us!

Many bands say that they need about a week to 10 days to get into 'touring mood'... You had just one week... Do you wish you would have had the chance to do the whole tour?

Definitelly! Reality is we got in the mode after the first night, its not that hard when you really know what to do on stage. that's what you are there for so the focus is mainly just on that, the fun comes later.
Of course we would have loved to have more dates to promote our new album but we are greatful for what we were given.

You had only a limited stage time, how did you choose the songs?

We had around 35-40 minutes which is actually not bad. It was enough to give the people a taste of what our band is about. Choosing the songs was not that hard because we knew from the start what we really wanted to show on this tour from both our albums. Basically we just made what we thought was a 'hit list'.

Your new album Tales Of Tragedy was well received by fans and media. Musically you combine different elements and I guess you listen to a large variety of bands... Did you ever had doubts about your style?

We all come from different musical backgrounds and I guess you can hear that in the music at times and probably even more on the next album. That is what gives character to a band. The style was there from the beginning and we didn't really think about anything, the songwriting just took its place. We were always aware that the specific style is not the most popular at the moment but that's what came out.

And what are your influences outside the metal sounds?

As I said we all listened to many different things and we also have other projects as well. Miguel for example also plays in an orchestra, Chris has a blues band. This obviously will show in the music at some point, but I cant say if there are specific influences. It just comes out.

You don't have the typical lyrics about dragons / knights and stuff. How important are the lyrics for you?

Very!! We trust George 100% on the lyrics and we are impressed with what comes out. I think we have had enough of the dragons and stuff throughout the years. We prefer to come up with what we believe are a little more interesting ideas.

Some songs seems to be connected.. .. But the songs are more like chapters in a book... like a collection of short stories... Have you ever considered to do a conceptual album?

That is why we called it Tales Of Tragedy because it is like a book of tales. Some songs are connected but not from the same album. For example the song I Swear Revenge is a continuation of the song Eternal Damnation from the first album. We don't really want to decide to make a concept album but let it come on its own. If we have the right idea and it fits what we are musically doing then why not. i believe that this band is definetely one that could 'pull off' a concept album.

Due to the situation in Cyprus and the history of both parties it would make an interesting topic, don't you think?

Haha, maybe! but we would not really want to go there. Over here the less you talk about it the better. Not that we wouldn't if we wanted to, but it is something that we are tired of listening to day after day for so many years. I can't imagine having to write about it and spend time on this topic. Good idea though!

With Neverland there is a Turkish band (Dreamtone) who cooperates with the Greek artists Iris Mavraki. Do you think that something like that would be possible to do with another Cypriot band? One from the 'other side'?

If the opportunity comes up why not! As individuals most of us have already collaborated with Turkish Cypriots. They have excellent musicians over there. You never know.

2010 seems to be the year where the metal community becomes aware of Cyprus as a place for metal. First your album was released and then the tour, and now with Pitch Black Records a small label from Cyprus starts to spread the word by releasing albums of other Cypriote band. Long overdue?

Well, being a small country it is logical that not much is coming out. I wouldn't say overdue, but I think its the right time, and we have bands that are worthy these days.

Do you think that social networking gave bands like you who aren't from the metal hot spots a real chance to get connected? To get in touch with fans as well as business people? As far as I know you in touch with Lia via internet...

Definitely. It used to be almost impossible when you were living in places that weren't active. You would have to move to the 'hot spots' and for a whole band that is not an easy decision. It is obvious that these days networking has helped many bands, us included. In many ways we did a lot that we couldn't have done if it was not for the net.

As you're back home, any chance you'll do a video for one of the songs? And which one is your favorite to do a video clip for?

That is what our plan is. We haven't decided on which song yet but we hope to get that going as soon as possible.

Have you recorded some impressions on tour? Not talking about professional recordings, just something to share with the fans later on or use as a bonus in future...

Chris was taking videos on the tour and is now making a 'Rockumentary' called Winters Verge 7 Days And Nights In Europe. We hope to have that ready soon. It is a basic run through of what we were doing every day. A lot of funny stuff in there!

Taking about the future... Any festivals on your schedule for 2010? Or anything else you can tell us?

Right now we are trying to plan the video clip. We have some first contacts about some festivals and we hope they pull through for this summer. Other than that we have already started collecting ideas for the next album and things are looking veeery good!!!!!

Sounds like we'll soon hear more of Winter's Verge and I hope they can play some more shows... And hopefully we can talk personally next time!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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