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In Words: WarCry

- Victor Garcia - July 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

WarCry band photo
© WarCry

Victor Garcia - July 2007 (by email)

Outside the Spanish-speaking world WarCry are quite unknown, but perhaps this will change soon... Their latest album got good reviews and with internet and MySpace the world gets a bit smaller every day. Time to talk to WarCry! Singer Victor Garcia was so kind to answer my questions... Here we go!

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of WarCry!

Well, it's the result of one dream (the dream of my life, I think) and a expulsion of our last band.

Why do you chose WarCry as a name? Named after the American anarchist? Or the New York City activist Priya Reddy? Or did you picked the name from the Salvation Army newspaper?

It's much more easy. It's only a Manowar song that says: "screaming my War-cry". I liked their sound and their meaning I think it's powerful.

Btw, do you know that there is an American punk / hardcore band of the same name? Have there been any confusions so far?

At present time we don’t have problems about this, because we’re a Spanish band that sings in Spanish.

Please tell us a bit about the songs of La Quinta Escencia?! Especially as not everybody understands Spanish...

Well, we talk about different things:
Que vengan ya it's a declaration of principles or declaration of war. Talk about those people that bother us... We answer "well, here we are...just start".
Ulises - it's the typical WarCry epic song. Talk about Ulises went back to home and his struggle with all the problems while dream to come back with his wife.
Tu recuerdo me bastara talks about the break-up of a couple when one of them lose the love.
Mas Alla talks about an imaginary pace where there aren't ignorance and demagogy.
In short talks about death, love, drama, honour....

What inspires you lyrically?

Everything. All the things that I feel, hear or dream.

For a previous release you used a quotation of Gaius Julius Caesar as a title... Are you into history?

Yes, I'm a history lover, perhaps because I think that all the things that we made in the past could be extrapolate to our days.

Who had the idea for the album artwork? And who realised it?

The original idea was mine, but our designer Daniel Alonso made it.

Do you get inspiration from music you hear? What bands you are listening to?

I think that all you hear remains in your brain unconsciously. I hear different bands but many are classic bands.

Are you satisfied with the outturn of the album? How are the reactions so far?

We'll never be satisfied at 100%, but it's a good work. And the reactions on a Spanish market are really good and on the European market simply good, but it's normal, because this disc was not thought for these market.

You use Spanish lyrics and so I guess the most interest you get from Spanish-speaking countries. Have you ever thought about singing in English? Or doing an English version like Saratoga did?

Yes, all the time, but we are working to hard in Spain and South America. Perhaps when we have holidays.

You just played a few shows in Mexico with Mägo de Oz. Tell us a bit about the trip! Was it your first trip to Mexico? How was the fan reaction?

Yes, it was our first trip. We went with Mägo, U.D.O., and Cage. We have learnt so much at this tour and the reaction of the people were fantastic. We are thinking about going back again, because it's very important to grow and that's the way to do it.

Was reaction of the Mexican fans different to the reaction you get when you play in your home country?

Well, we've done four tours in Spain and all the people know what they're going to find in a WarCry show and how to take a part on it. But the Mexican tour was the first time for us, so that many people saw a WarCry teh first time and some of them don't know who we are, but for the first time was a great experience.

Are there any plans for festivals? Or a tour? Perhaps a few small club shows in Germany...

At the present time, Germany it's so far for us. We have supplies from Mexico since the year 2003, but we wanted to make a good job and play with all guarantees. Now it's too difficult for us to play in Germany, but I think that it's only a question of time.

It seems that Spain has some very good metal bands, but outside the Spanish-speaking world Spanish bands aren't very known. What do you think is the reason for this?

Maybe it's a problem of language. Practically all the European countries speak English perfectly, but in Spain we have a very poor English skills. If you want to play in Spain, you must sing in Spanish although that involves to be not much known in other countries.

And does the internet helps you to get in touch with metal fans from outside Spain? Do you get more response now?

Obviously. There aren't distances with internet and we are working now on a English version of our website to give more information about us.

Perhaps through MySpace?

Not yet, but we are working on this too.

And when will your website be updated? Well, at least the English version isn't up-to-date....

The problem it's the translation, we don't want to do a bad job. We hope that very soon will be available.

What bands / artists inspired you to start your musical career? And which bands are an inspiration for you these days?

Bands like Stryper, Europe, Manowar and Blind Guardian. Today WarCry is all my inspiration... and also my life.

Which band impressed you most live?

It's so difficult to say only one. All bands have something different and interesting for me. But the classic bands have something special, perhaps the feeling.

Still not everybody has the chance to see a band live... So how important are live DVD these days?

It's very very important. We edited a Live-DVD called Directo a la luz and it got Gold status here in Spain.
For me was very strange, because when we did it, we thought that was only for the loyal fans, but not. For us was the greatest step ahead.

You also have a DVD out. What can fans expect from this DVD?

Two hours of music, with the people singing each song with us. It's 100% live. It's 100% WarCry and its fans.

Did you recorded something in Mexico for a future release? Even if it's just some off stage stuff...

Yes, we want to use this material some day maybe in our website. There is not a professional recording, just the feeling of the band being there.

Please give us a brief idea what's on your schedule this year!

Well, play and compose. We have five albums and one DVD live in five years I think its time to take a little rest.

Looks like it won’t take too long until we hear again from the Spanish.. And perhaps one day chances are there for them to play some shows in Europe... Even if it's great that they can play in Mexico... And perhaps soon other places, too. Let's wait and see.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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