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On disc: Wyvern

No Defiance Of Fate - Volker Raabe - 5 stars
Lords Of Winter - Mike Thompson - 4 stars

Lords Of Winter

Lords Of Winter
(Jolly Roger - 2010)

Originally recorded between 1998 and 2002, the songs on this disc make up Italian power metal band Wyvern's second full-length album. To say the debut was ridiculed by the metal community at large would be something of an understatement so you may have expected the follow-up to have more effort put into it. Well, I've not heard the first album, but if its worse than this then it must be bloody awful!

Whilst trying to create something along with lines of classic Helloween, Wyvern have managed to craft the most forgettably average 'power' metal that I've ever heard. Its a mix of power, speed and prog metal that just blends into one uninspired mess. Add into this the thoroughly annoying voice of vocalist Fabio Bonaccorsi, who gives one of the most emotionless performances I've heard in a very long time, and you have an album that you would be wise to pass over even for a bargain basement price. Oh, the production sucks too.

Its not all bad. The guitarists have ability and the drumming is ok and when the songs get a bit thrashier, notably The Other One, then Bonaccorsi's voice doesn't seem so bad. However, the few good parts are so outweighed by the bad that you will soon find yourself using the CD as a coaster. At least you'd have the rather striking fantasy cover art though.

I think that says about all you need to know about Wyvern's sophomore album. I'm contemplating writing a strongly worded letter to them to ask, if they will compensate me for the hour of my life I wasted listening to this.

5 stars

Mike Thompson


No Defiance Of Fate

No Defiance Of Fate
(No Fashion - 2001)

Isn't Wyvern this Scandinavian act who released back in 1998 an about through B.O. Records? Wasn't that album - The Wildfire - a wannabe true metal album full of clichés and with bad vocals? Right? Right!
Nowadays the band of the guitarists Andreas Sjöström and Jonas Berndt is signed to No Fashion Records who are releasing their 2nd album No Defiance Of Fate. Especially this month it'll be hard for the Scandinavians to get any attention of the true / power metal fans, coz bands like Iced Earth and Jag Panzer released their albums. A hard task for the youngsters, but let's listen and see, if there is any chance for them!
Toni Kocmut replaced singer David Sperling which was a good decision, coz Sperling was the weak point of the band. The sound is better then on the debut, but that's it. The quintet is playing traditional melodic true metal hymns and highlights are the title track No Defiance Of Fate and Starborn. The rest of the material won't really impress me, even after several spins. Make your own decision.

4 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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