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On disc: Wykked Wytch

The Ultimate Deception - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Ultimate Deception

The Ultimate Deception
(Goomba Music - 2012)

Nate Poulson is the new man on guitar in Wykked Wytch, and he has also composed the new songs for the album The Ultimate Deception, only one song is not his, the cover version of Metallica's Fade To Black. On the 5th album from the Americans they blast ahead in their ultra fast style with Ipek as a singer from Hell, doing zombie sounds on all the songs, but anyway they get a good result for their fans. Ipek has a captivating way of singing and screaming her way forward. It works well with Poulson leading the war on guitar and set the tempo to the extreme level that is the trademark of Wykked Wytch, and the opener Birthing The Beast has everything from death and back metal centered around Ipek and the wild zombie vocals that she does. High and powerful vocals on this multi attack sets the album in motion. The title track comes next, The Ultimate Deception, but leaves a confusing impression, brutal all the way but not so much substance in the song. Serpents Among Us is fresh and makes new wildness to the already boiling universe of Wykked Wytch, wild death metal with breathtaking speed. Prayers Of The Decapitated shoots of a good rhythm and get the drums in focus to back up the zombie sounds from Ipek. When The Sleepers Rise is a melodic death metal hymn where they also try some new fresh ideas in their metal attacks. Fade To Black is the cover version of the Metallica song and Ipek shows that she also masters normal level singing combinated with the way she normally perform the songs, and they make a splendid version of the old Metallica hit. This is something for the metal fans that can simply not get enough of wild and extreme metal songs, a sure hit to add to the CD collection.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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