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On disc: Worrall

Worrall - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars


(YesterRock - 2011)

As the name reveals, this is a project of the brothers Rick and Steve Worrall, that saw the light of day in 1991 and are now being re-released by YesterRock Records. Basically it is mainstream melodic rock without the big surprised that gets airtime on this new release of their old album. Rick Worrall are still involved with lots of music and being busy with his solo career there were no time to continue with the family band Worrall, so they hang up in 1993, but a nice look back in time to get a glimpse of what they were involved with. Shadow Of A Lie comes with hard good rock rhythm that could count as timeless sounds from the rock universe, Summertime Radio is melodic pumped up AOR music that passes every hard rock entries possible. Take A Look Around is a pop tune with the typical radio hit sound added some country music qualities, interesting. The last song is called Ordinary Man, and somewhat different from the other songs with it's crooner-boogie rock standards in the music.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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