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On disc: Work Of Art

In Progress - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

In Progress

In Progress
(Frontiers Records - 2011)

Work Of Art present their 2nd album which is called In Progress. The Swedish kick off with The Rain, an up-tempo AOR tune. The song has an 80's edge and shows reminiscences to arena rock stuff from the 80's. The song reminds me a bit of Kick (Consider This... album). The following Nature Of The Game is another up-tempo rocker, actually most of the tunes are fast rockers. This time they seem to be influenced by some Scandinavian melodic metal acts of the 80's... But they aren't copy cats, it's just that in this genre it's very hard to have a unique sound. Catchy hooklines you get at Never Love Again, but be careful, coz it's highly infectious! Eye Of The Storm would have get on heavy rotation back in the late 80's... Then they ease off a bit and present a mid-paced melodic tune called Until You Believe. I guess that an acoustic version would have made this one even stronger... But still.
At The Great Fall the keyboard reminds me a bit of Europe... Again the Scandinavian roots shine through... You'll soon find yourself singing along. With Fall Down they present another mid-paced tune, but somehow the faster tracks work out better... Castaway is kicking off with acoustic guitar and is quite a surprise. It's powerful, expressive and due to the acoustic guitar it has a fragile edge. Later they speed up a bit and head into the 'usual' direction - spiced up with a light boogie feel. The closer is called One Step Away, another song which could have become a cool ballad, but they chose the other way. And so this album is lacking a real ballad which is pretty unusual for this genre, but well...

Fans of Foreigner, Nelson, Toto, Mitch Malloy and similar artists should give it a try. If the music of the late 80's / early 90's is still high on your list, then don't waste time checking out the Swedish!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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