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On disc: Words Of Farewell

Immersion - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(AFM Records - 2012)

Words Of Farewell, yes that is death metal but twisted in way so it falls under the category of progressive death metal. Words Of Farewell have not existed very long, they released an EP 3 years ago, but now gathered up for making their debut album. Their music is very mixed up to say the least, inside the songs they go from soft to hard styles of metal, advanced rhythms and the next moments sounds of keyboard effects. To my taste it would have been better if they had concentrated on a more simple type of death metal, but lets see how Words Of Farewell develops later on. Project Daybreak has a lot of drive and energy, and the vocalist Alexander Otto gives the song a good and deep quality with his powerful voice. The Great Escape is all about power guitars and then these soft passages comes into the song, and then again full speed with the guitars. Sorae is very melodic, brutal attacking both with keyboards and killer guitars but also with the softest of music. Could Words Of Farewell please find a more direct style, then I would become a huge fan, because there is no doubt about their great talent.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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