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On disc: Woods Of Ypres

Woods 5 Grey Skies And Electric Light - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Woods 5 Grey Skies And Electric Light

Woods 5 Grey Skies And Electric Light
(Earache Records - 2011)

The case with this album release is, that founder and singer of Woods Of Ypres, David Gold, died in a car accident in December 2011. But it was decided to go on with releasing the album even though Gold passed away and the band does not exist anymore. The 5th, and last, album from Woods Of Ypres is black metal, but with a humoristic setting with flute and violins and melodic quiet songs most of them. Career Suicide is almost a pop song with melodic chorus and deep growls added with normal singing. Travelling Alone has more black metal with lots of content, flute and rich power in the soft and well-written song. Lightning And Snow speeds up the tempo and David Gold puts on his darkest voice in this great melodic black metal hymn. Adora Vivos comes to offer fast and powerful metal where the guitar and drums hit the perfect cooperation, the best song on the album. As the two last songs comes Kiss My Ashes Goodbye, Part One and Two. On the first, Part One, the style is a little strange, avant garde in the fast and dark way David Gold sings. Part Two is softer and darker, but not as melodic as Part One.

David Gold has been the frontman of Woods Of Ypres since the start, his voice is not the greatest in metal history, but it is fascinating, has this unique sound that makes you stop and listen carefully to the songs he performs. R.I.P.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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