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On disc: WolfSpring

WolfSpring - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(ProgRock Records - 2010)

WolfSpring is the new band of Nemo's Jean-Pierre Louveton, a place to show his love of hard rock / prog rock. He hooked up with singer Julian Clemens, drummer Ludovic Moro-Sibilot and Nemo band mate Guillaume Fontaine.
The opener is called The Haunting, slowly this tune kicks off, but takes you onto a sonic journey which offers metallic riffs, soaring melodies, symphonic elements and acoustic passages. Singer Julian Clemens reminds me a bit of Arno Menses (ex-Sieges Even)... Some passages show reminiscences to symphonic prog rock of the 70's, but on this 6+ minutes long track they melt together different sounds - and create a song which is easy to get into, but also offers a lot of details to discover. Carpathian Wolves is an instrumental rocker which comes alive by Louveton's guitar play. Usually I'm not a big fan of instrumental music, but Louveton manages to create a song which works even without vocals. Give it a try!
The balladesque Train's Gone invites you to get lost in reverie - at the first part. It's atmospheric, touching and simply enchanting, later they later speed up and add some heaviness. At Mutation you get heavy riffs, partly distorted vocals, but also a catchy hook, a good pick to check out WolfSpirit. Even if it shows just one facet, but I think, if you like this one, then you'll like the rest of the album, too. After another instrumental WolfSpirit offers a 12+ minute long opus called Our New Mediaevil World. You'll get heavy riffs, atmospheric passages, hard rock sound, progressive parts and symphonic elements. In a way this song represents the sonic universe of WolfSpirit. And with Julian Clemens they have a great singer on board who can give the song the special something.
With WolfSpring JP Louveton offers something different, it's not a variation of Nemo - and that's good. The album is a progressive hard rock album and so open-minded hard rock fans should give it a try. Some prog metal fans might find this album a bit shallow, but if you give it a few spins, then you might discover the beauty of it!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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