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On disc: Wolfshade

When Above... - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

When Above...

When Above...
(Wraith Productions - 2010)

Wolfshade is a depressive black metal project from Dagneux, France, whose sole member is Kadhaas. When Above... is the third full-length album.
Admittedly I'm not really a fan of depressive black metal, or depressive music in general as a matter of fact but despite that I quite enjoyed this album. Despite the fact that Kadhaas' vocals are akin to a cat howling whilst scraping its bullocks along a rusty razor blade, the rest of the album actually presents a quite beautiful listening experience. Put it this way, even my pop-loving sister enjoyed the instrumental sections she heard!
The guitar, drums, keys and bass all work together to create hauntingly melancholic sonic landscapes that hook you in and keep you entranced. Haunting, mournful and full of melancholy, this is depressive black metal at its atmospheric finest. It takes you into the blackest pits of absolute despair on a vehicle of top notch musicianship.
Really the only disappointing thing is Kadhaas' lack of vocal ability. If he sung cleanly or even had a decent black metal rasp this would be an absolute classic of the genre, however I have to knock it down a few stars as the vocals really were annoyingly bad.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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