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On disc: Wolfen

Chapter IV - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

Chapter IV

Chapter IV
(Pure Legend Records - 2012)

When we reach the end of 2012 and see which albums from this year which are really remarkable, you can count in the new album from Wolfen. Their fourth studio album is called Chapter IV, and has a glow and spirit that thrills the listener and goes directly in and makes you smile. Both the two guitarist and the bass player contributes to the vocal performance, and this works well for the Germans, and their 12 new songs are all in a very high class. When you look at the band members favorite music groups Iron Maiden is mentioned several times, and it shows in their music that Wolfen like the sound the English veterans make. Hard and precise guitars that goes all the way, a drumming performance to back up and give the depth of the sound to make it perfect. They play melodic, brutal head banging metal, sometimes at full speed, sometimes in a moderate tempo, but with a fingertip touch of excellence. Demons is a song that goes at full speed but still carry the melodic qualities many metal fans like. Dolor Mundis is soft and almost characterized as a ballad but has the hard metal sound intact. D.F.A.I.T. gives us super and deep rhythm and a musical quality that can only give the highest acclaim. Soul Collector goes for the brutal voice, speedy guitars and a very good drumming sound, what can you want more. If you like the head banging metal then it is the fast and heavy Unbroken you need to put in your ears, here is something for everybody. I Am I, is the super melodic pop metal that many see as the best song on the whole album, and no doubt a song that will go all the way at their concerts. To include more serious and dangerous items Wolfen has made a sublime song called Birmingham 6. In November 1974 two pubs in Birmingham was bombed by terrorist with connection to the IRA, and hundreds of people were killed. The six terrorists was known as Birmingham 6, and this tragedy has been a trauma for the city of Birmingham for many years, and now Wolfen gives their point of view to the case. If you listen to the song several times you will find that it is built of the basic idea that gave life to Manowar's song Master Of The Wind, Wolfen add the massive metal from Germany, melodic, meaningful and also offers a duet to get both male and female vocals to the song. A serious and brilliant song, absolutely my favorite of the album.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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