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On disc: Wolfchant

Call Of The Black Winds - Lars Bjørn - 10 stars

Call Of The Black Winds

Call Of The Black Winds
(Massacre Records - 2011)

Wolfchant has done it, no doubt. Their 4th. CD is among the best releases that will come in 2011. With a musical talent including symphonic epical displays added violins, keyboards and lots of heavy heavy powerful metal, one must think of mastodons of the German scene, but they still stay true to their basic ideas: the Nordic mythology with wolves, heathens, wars, enemies and so on. Behind all of that the touch of folk metal and pirate music á la Alestorm is also very clear.
It starts with a beautiful and intelligent intro, original, fresh with deep felt keyboard for the opener Black Winds. From here on the songs carry on, some in German and some in English, and everything served with a perfection out of the limits. All songs are of highest quality, well produced, and holds this wonderful mixing between folk metal and power metal, and on one song, Eremit we get classical symphonic metal. Heathen Rise is the song with the most heart beating rhythm, violins and guitars in it together, Die Nacht der Wölfe has the powerful drums in focus, Der Stahl in meinem Feinde has the most power you will find in the year 2011, and finally the last song, the title track Call Of The Black Winds gives us epical powerful metal so your eyes are almost in tears.
This album can not be praised and recommended enough, if you want true power metal with sublime quality, this is the CD to get hold of.

10 stars

Lars Bjørn


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