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On disc: Without Face

- Astronomicon - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars


(Elitist - 2002)

An interesting origin for a metal band. I can't remember many bands from Hungary. Any­way, Without Face were founded in 1997 and previous releases made the band more known. On different tours as support of The Gathering, The Kovenant and Anathema the band got recognized already. The very melodic music of Without Face is inspired by e.g. Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. The musically concept and especially the combination of (dominant) female and male lead vocals - nothing new - are very well realized. The sextet from Eastern Europe reminds me of the Milan-based Lacuna Coil vocally. On Astronomicon are 6 songs which are based on the changing between melodic and threatening vocals - did I mention Lacuna Coil... ;-) Beside that the keyboard weaved sound floor are the basic and are combined with bass and two guitars.
A nice release, but with you permission I wan to say that they aren't innovative or have their own musical identity. Anyway, for fans of The Gathering or Lacuna Coil it won't be a waste of time to give it a try.

6 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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