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On disc: Wishbone Ash

Argus 'Then Again' Live - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Argus 'Then Again' Live

Argus 'Then Again' Live
(Talking Elephant - 2009)

The Ash are now entering the 4th decade and present another live album. Andy Powell and his mates stopped one more time at XM Satellite Radio Studios in Washington, D.C. last May. On May 6th 2008 they recorded live at the studio in front of a small audience this album. They already did release in 2006 Live At XM Satellite Radio among other live albums, so you might ask: What's so special about this one? Well, they play their iconic album Argus live at it's whole! And they add a few others, first you hear George Taylor Morris speaking some introducing words and then Wishbone Ash kick off with the instrumental Real Guitars Have Wings. The songs will be known by fans of The Ash and only die-hard fans will notice some minor mistakes. But this is live and they are almost perfect! Again it's the dual lead guitars which create this special sound. Before they head into Argus Andy Powell addressed a few words at the audience, then they head into Time Was. To talk about the songs would be like carrying coals to Newcastle, so I won't.
For rock fans who don't have every release this album is very interesting, but fans who have already several live albums have to make up their minds. I think it's great to have Argus live at once and not a track here and there. But a band who released in their 40-year career already 18 live albums beside 25 studio albums and countless compilations, will be aware that not every fan will have every release. On the other hand this one has a great sound and a unique track list...

Track list:

Intro: George Taylor Morris

Real Guitars Have Wings
Growing Up
Time Was
Sometime World
Blowin' Free
The King Will Come
Leaf And Stream
Throw Down The Sword
Way Of The World

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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