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On disc: Wisdom

- Words Of Wisdom - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Words Of Wisdom

Words Of Wisdom
(self-released - 2006)

Wisdom is a quite new power metal band from Hungary's capital Budapest. The band was founded in 2001 and released a demo in 2002 which was followed by an EP in 2004 called Wisdom. Now the five Hungarian guys present their debut Words Of Wisdom.
The opening track Holy Vagabond shows the musical direction - they play riff-based power metal with catchy hooklines. The chorus of Holy Vagabond has a bit of Edguy - without being kitschy! They seem to be influenced by Helloween (Kiske-era), but also by Iron Maiden... Even if singer István Nachladal sounds a bit like some US metal vocalist... Or someone of an Italian symphonic power metal band, but without the strong accent.
The guitarists Gábor Kovács and Zsolt Galambos are responsible for the guitar-driven sound of the songs written by Kovács. Bassist Máté Molnár isn't just adding some thundering bass riffs, he also writes all the lyrics. The title Masquerade is used a hundred times and some might think of Reb Beach's CD or Axel Rudi Pell's The Masquerade Ball... And musically they can be interesting for fans of the afore-mentioned artists. But here they push down the accelerator a bit. More US metal then neo-classical metal, but the heavy riffs dominating. At Victory they add some deep, raspy vocals to give the song a more aggressive edge. A bit of battle metal... And even some high screams! Cool! A bit too happy sounds Sands Of Time for me, but it's a good one - just a matter of taste. With Unholy Ghost they slow down and present an emotional ballad. Acoustic guitars and vocals is all you get. There is some sadness in the song, but also a spark of hope. Quite nice. With the sound of a battle they lead you into the fast, guitar-driven Wheels Of The War. I think the song would be even better, when István would add some aggressive tone to his vocals. At the choirs they manage to add an aggressive edge. Not really battle metal... But well done.
When you go to their website you find the lyrics - and much more - and every song is accompanied by a quote - cool idea. For Victory they Seneca's "How bravely dares must sometimes risk a fall!" And that seems to be their motto... They present their debut to the metal world and now it's up to the fans, if they will rise or fall... Time will tell.
As a kind of bonus the CD comes with a multi-media part and the video clips of Unholy Ghost and Strain Of Madness.
Well, musically the Hungarian band haven't developed a new sound, but they present good power metal with mighty choirs and catchy hooklines. With the right promotion they should make their way. Everybody who listens to melodic metal and power metal should check them out! Listen to: Holy Vagabond, Wisdom, Victory and Unholy Ghost.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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