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On disc: Willie Tanner

How To Be A Complete Bastard - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

How To Be A Complete Bastard

How To Be A Complete Bastard
(Jump Start Music - 2009)

If you think you hear about the this band before, then you might be wrong, even if the name sounds familiar. Chances are good you know Willie Tanner from the TV sequel Alf. But this is a young band from Nuremberg, the German fivesome is presenting alternative metal with female vocals - roughly described. The opening track is called Bored Treasure, a fast guitar-driven tune with slow passages. Kate's vocals are powerful and don't get dominated by the guitars of Sergio and Markus. Drummer Andi adds some more complex rhythmic pattern as you might expect. Next in line is Home Sweet Homeless - the opening riffs are inspired by traditional metal it seems, but then they change direction... Kinda mix of Evanescence and Die Happy... A catchy tune which soon hooks you up - and surprise you with a kind of guitar intermezzo. At Icecream Wars they add some Commodore C64 sounds to their grooving guitar rock. The up-tempo tune combines heaviness and melody and sticks out with the C64 sounds. The title track opens up with some computer sounds and a spoken words part, Kate's voice is distorted and a danceable pop beat supports her... Its like you combines a 80's pop tune with a danceable beat / EBM. I definitely haven't expect something like this. But then they rock again! With a heavy groove and fat riffs they present Serial Memory Killer, a catchy track with emotional vocals. Boogiepop Phantom has a crossover edge, but also alternative metal elements and computer sounds.
The Nuremberg quintet offers fat riffs, a heavy groove and powerful vocals or if needed very emotional vocals. The C64 computer sounds make them stick out and Kate's vocals also make them differ. The title track is not representing the album, but every other track should give you a good impression of what to expect from Willie Tanner.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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