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On disc: Wigelius

Reinventions - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Frontiers Records - 2012)

Wigelius is a Swedish quartet named after singer Anders Wigelius and his brother Erik on drums. They are joined by bassist Chris Pettersson and guitarist Jake Svensson.

With Reinventions they present a dozen melodic rock tunes, the opener Angeline shows this quite well. Angeline is heavier than Richard Marx' Angelia, but Talking About Love has passages which fans of Mr. Marx should fall for.... The keyboard is a bit too present in my opinion and it sounds a bit... well, cheap. Anyway, this is radio-friendly melodic rock / AOR, so don't expect reinventions. At My Cassandra Anders Wigelius reminds me a lot of Richard Marx... But with Piece Of The Action they show that they can rock! It's a guitar-driven rocker, but at this one it's even more obvious that the drum sound is too dull... A crisp drum sound would do the songs good, but well... The ballad Love Can Be That Much is based on acoustic guitar and gives Anders Wigelius even more space to shine. The guitar reminds me a bit of Extreme's More Than Words... In my opinion they should put the guitar more up-front and reduce the backings a bit - at least at some songs - like There Is No Me Without You...

Wigelius offer a decent AOR / melodic rock album, even if there are similarities to Richard Marx here and there, the Swedish is doing good. And it's mainly Anders Wigelius voice / way to sing which make you think of the American. The mix of slow, balladesque tunes and melodic rockers is well balanced. Fans of Richard Marx and 80's hard rock / AOR should check out Wigelius.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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