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On disc: Widow

Life's Blood - Umberto Mino - 9 stars

Life's Blood

Life's Blood
(Pure Steel Records - 2011)

Personally I heard the first time this band last year at Swordbrothers Festival and it was a kind of 'love at first sight', another underrated band from the USA. I hope that this time with the support of Pure Steel Records and a good album like Life's Blood they will have the visibility that they deserve!!!

This is their fourth album, and in my opinion this could be the album that makes a breakpoint in their career, a perfect example of what we call US metal, a mixture of power and melodies, explosive and controlled, this is what we need and this is what Widow give us in great quantity and quality!!!

Life's Blood is simply perfect, a perfect mix of twin guitars, good voice and a perfect rhythm section. It contains gems like Take Hold Of The Night, the ruffian Another Fallen Angel, The Burning Ones or the final The One I Know. A great surprise for me, another great album that personally I want at the top of selling parades. Please people buy this album because it'll be a big fabulous surprise for you all... Personally one of my favorites in this 2011 year!! Buy or die! This was the motto of an old era, and now is time to say it once again!!! Long live Widow from the USA!!!

9 stars

Umberto Mino


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