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On disc: Whyte Ash

I Will Remain - Gisela Schmitz - 5 stars

I Will Remain

I Will Remain
(Record Heaven / Transsubstans Records - 2010)

Whyte Ash was founded in 2008 by musicians of 70's hard rock act Burning Savior and Grand Frontiers. The same year they released a 3-track demo which got great reviews everywhere. So they decided to do a full-length album. After playing a few shows with Sabaton and H.E.A.T. they signed a deal and the songs off I Will Remain were recorded earlier this year and finally are published. The biography says this is what fans of Helstar and Metal Church are longing for. Okay, we'll see.
The sound quality is okay, but I have to criticize the lack of creativity, the songs sound uninspired and lack power. Genre fans will like the album, but personally I heard this kind of songs way too often. And to be an artist means to be creative, to push boundaries. This is underground stuff, coz even if I Will Remain is quite entertaining, they are just average. Somehow they don't get me. Sorry!

5 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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