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On disc: Whispering Woods

Perditus et Dea - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Perditus et Dea

Perditus et Dea
(Loud Rage Music - 2015)

Here is something that is a little unusual. Gothic metal from Romania, symphonic inspired Whispering Woods who release their second album to follow up on the 2011 release Fairy Woods. The band is fronted by soprano Alexandra Burca, who sings in the way Tarja Turunen also does with high vocals and interruptions from the male members of Whispering Woods. The concept works fine, and 12 new songs are focusing on symphonic fantasy metal added some heavy guitars from time to time. The songs are built on the basic frame, and should really be enjoyed in a row without thoughts of which song could be a possible hit. Should I feature one track it would be Farewell Ladybug that has a beautiful piano intro combined with quite heavy guitars. But seen as a whole album the harmony and quality music is present in a well done production that portraits Whispering Woods greatly.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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