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On disc: Weyland

- Akt 3 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Akt 3

Akt 3
(self-released - 2008)

I don't know much about Weyland, just that the band was founded in 1999 and that they already had 2 demos before they did Akt 3.
Thie first tune is Nächtliches Erwachen and they storm off with fast drumming and riffs. A growl and then singer Jörn joins in with German lyrics, but his growls are 'clear' enough to understand the lyrics - if you speak German. The fivesome varies a bit in speed, but have slower parts. The band can be described as melodic death metal with black metal elements. The melodic guitar parts of Steffen and Robert are well done and show Weyland a bit different. But the song is riff-based, even if they add some melodic guitar lines to it. At Tagtraum - means day dream - shouter Jörn sounds a bit raspy and has a deeper tone. But again the melodic guitar passages take off the edge a bit. At Der Wellen Wut the chorus reminds me a bit of the Viking metal stuff, but then they storm off again with hyper-fast drumming and sharp riffs. After Vergänglichkeit they present the orchestral version of I Am. The symphonic sound shows the Germans differently,this song which could be taken off a movie soundtrack.. The instrumental symphonic tune differs to the rest of the demo, it's quite cool, but I wonder why they put it onto this demo. Well, at least it shows the band differently and that they can't just play fast. ;)
Well, death metal purist might have a problem with this demo, but if you like your death metal with variety and don't mind other sound elements, then visit the bands homepage and download the demo! Or if you are into demos in general, then go to:

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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