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On disc: Weapon

From The Devil's Tomb - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

From the Devil's Tomb

From The Devil's Tomb
(Agonia Records - 2010)

From the Devil's Tomb is the second full-length album from premier Canadian blackened death metal exponents Weapon. The band's first album, Drakonian Paradigm, was extremely well received so does this latest release live up to the expectation promised by the first?
Long-time Weapon fans will be pleased to hear that the band's sound has reverted back to its more primitive, raw state; a dirty sound that is more reminiscent of the band's first couple of EPs than the previous full-length. The sound of Drakonian Paradigm was more to my personal taste but this is to take nothing away from From The Devil's Tomb which is absolutely brutal in its approach to blackened death metal.
Despite the more primal approach From The Devil's Tomb does still shows Weapon to be a diverse band capable of writing songs that will crush your skull as well as both the more technical and melodic side. Songs such as Vortex – 11724 will leave you suffering chronic whiplash whereas LEFTHANDPATHYOGA is a three minute melodic interlude with some nice clean guitar work. This track changes the feel of the album from the pure brutal assault of the first five songs. It is still extremely heavy but it seems like there is more diversity in the last few songs following LEFTHANDPATHYOGA. The Inner Wolf, for example, begins with a driving riff overlaid with some choirs reminiscent of Rotting Christ, Bathory or Graveland, before increasing in tempo and unleashing a furious metal storm that is one of the highlights of this album!
If you enjoy riff-based, dirty, brutal metal then I cannot recommend From The Devil's Tomb highly enough! One for fans of Deströyer 666, Unlight, Vomitor and so on.

8 stars

Claudia EhrhardtMike Thompson


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