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On disc: Warmrain

Absent Friends - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

Absent Friends

Absent Friends
(The Outhouse / Plastichead - 2011)

New bands are coming constantly, but not so many new bands make a sound like they were coming directly from 1970's with classic guitar sound, with soft and curious songs that are peaking it's head up to see if there is any room for them in the musical world. Warmrain is the name of this new band, so new that their first concert ever was on 23rd July this year at the venue of High Voltage .... And a new concert planned in December. You may smile at these statements, but Leon Russell has made 5 songs has the same character with influence from 70's bands like Pink Floyd and The Beatles and atmosphere taken from the hippie traditions that were ruling in those days. Respect to Russell for creating that sound and style, but the question is what success Warmrain will get. Their 5 songs are very similar in style, acoustic guitars, weak singing, but I believe their music could appeal to smaller venues which specializes in English folk songs, and then see what future holds for them. Warmrain is a band who needs to take one step at the time.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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