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On disc: WarCry

- La Quinta Esencia - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

La Quinta Esencia

La Quinta Esencia
(Avispa - 2007)

In Spain and the Spanish-speaking world WarCry aren't nobodies! This is their 5th studio album and their last release - Directo a la luz - was a live DVD which got gold in Spain!
The sextet presents powerful heavy metal with Spanish lyrics. They start into the album with ¿Que vengan ya! which is an up-tempo rocker with heavy riffs and the deep, raspy voice of Victor Garcia (ex-Avalanch). But they use breaks, speed changes to keep the song interesting. The following Ulises starts with the sound of surf... Then the keyboard leads into a mid-tempo rocker with a catchy hook. Drummer Alberto Ardines sound more powerful on this one and together with bassist Roberto Garcia they deliver the basis for WarCry's sound. The Spanish lyrics might be a reason for some not to listen to them, but I think it fits.
With a keyboard intro they start into Tu recuerdo me bastará (means something like 'Your memory will be enough for me') - an emotional song, but not a ballad! A fast mid-tempo tune with epic parts, but still rock. In the beginning a slight true metal vibe has La vieja guardin, then the keyboard line adds some catchiness... But it's still guitar-driven. With a piano Un poco de fe (~ a little bit of faith) starts, but speed changes keep this interesting. It seems that the band likes to start slow and then to push down the accelerator.... Sometimes the keyboards seems a bit out of place... But well, most of the time Manuel Ramil just supports the song and stays in the background. They get really heavy with Buscando una luz which shows some fast double-bass drumming by Alberto Ardines while Fernando Mon and Pablo Garcia add some heavy riffs. Good choice for some head banging - even if some will be annoyed by the keyboard...
A good heavy metal album with catchy hooklines and a unique voice! The Spanish vocals might limit them, but personally I think they should stick to it as long as they feel comfortable with it. Some bands decide to use English lyrics right from the start, others change later to English and usually there is something missing then - emotions. But it would be good to have liner notes... Listen to: El más triste adiós, Mirador al mar, Tu recuerdo me bastará and Buscando una luz.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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