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On disc: Wanderer

Bypassing The Abyss - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars

Bypassing The Abyss

Bypassing The Abyss
(Dunkelheit Produktionen - 2012)

This is an album that was first released in 2005 via Dunkelheit Produktionen, but the label and band has decided to re-release the album again here in 2012. Old school dark metal is what Wanderer stands for, but unfortunately the production is not the best, lot of background noise, and then it doesn't help that several of the songs are noisy themselves. The music is very dark metal, aggressive but without ability to leave an impression of strength or quality. Screaming and uncharming music that does not move in any direction, and hardly understandable why such an album should be released once again.

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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