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On disc: Waltari

Release Date - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
The 2nd Decade / In The Cradle - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

The 2nd Decade / In The Cradle

The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle
(Drakkar - 2008)

About 10 years ago Waltari presented their first best-of called Decade, now it's time for The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle which is another best-of. This time they cover the time from 1999 til now. For die-hard fans the CD doesn't offer much, coz it only has one new track - In The Cradle. The opening track is an electro rocker with a dash Billy Idol and was previously released only at a sound track - as far as I know.. Beside the new track you get a few radio edits, some unplugged songs and a video clip for In The Cradle. Fans will recognize that the track list is mainly containing songs which are more mass compatible, but they give an overlook of Waltari's work in the last 10 years. They choose the more danceable, electro stuff then and even the tunes which are heavier have a groove and are somehow danceable. At Helsinki a bit death metal and early crossover sounds shine through, but only for a bit. With System Ošša Įiggi they offer a track which was previously only released in Finland. It shows them again as the masters of blending different sounds into another... Here its techno, rap and pop. A real challenge for the listener. Wish I Could Heal reminds me of Faith No More and Red Hot Chili Peppers... And so the song somehow fits to the other tunes on this disc. The Billy Gould remix of Life Without Love is different... interesting and also strange.
Most interesting in my opinion are the unplugged songs which were recorded last May during an unplugged session..
Resume: If you heard something of Waltari which was published more recently and you are interested in them, then this one is a good way to get an idea - even if it only shows one side of the crossover band!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Release Date

Release Date
(Dockyard 1 - 2007)

The Finnish Waltari always been controversial - some love them, others hate them. And with Release Date this won't change... They open up with a heavy riff-based track called Get Stamped. The song grooves and Kärtsy's vocals gives this song something special. Even if the end might surprise the listener, coz after a break it's only acoustic guitar, vocals and some strings... Then explodes and returns to the main theme. The electronic sounds give it some danceable groove. This song is fun! And as in the past Waltari show that they combine whatever they think fits together. A fast, heavy song is Let's Puke Together with some thrash elements. Kärtsy's vocals are melodic and catchy, but also have a gothic touch here and there... If you would take off speed, it would be a true metal song.. With Cityshamaani the Finnish recorded a mini opus with about 37 minutes running time - all 5 songs are separately listed. The song is splitted into 5 parts, but don't expect that they blend into each other! With spherical sounds they start into Night Flight. But heavy grooves and riffs are dominating the sound. Progressive elements... Breaks and weird vocals.... Again they push limits. A mixture of Pink Floyd and In Flames - musically... Well, that don't describe the part 1 at all, but gives an idea about the song. Part 2 Morning has jazz elements combined with heavy rock. And partly it has some Faith No More-ish sounds and vocal parts - here also some Clawfinger shines through. No easy listening! While part 3 Colgate Country Showdown and part 4 The Incarnation Party presents industrial / electro-pop sounds combined with Emerson-like keyboard sounds. Part 5 starts with the sound of the surf... some screaming seagulls... and then acoustic guitar. But they don't stay acoustic, even if they return to the acoustic theme. A ELP-ish track.
A techno-dance party seems to start with Hype. Heavy guitars, then some spoken words. The techno element is gone, but a disco groove been added instead. A bit monotonous... But danceable. The guitar-based Sex In The Beergarden is offering a melodic bridge / chorus, heavy riffs and some screams. One of the highlights is Wish I Could Heal which let me think again of Faith No More... A heavy crossover tune. And a catchy one, too. Well done!
Last, but not least the bonus track Spokebone where the guys been joined by Finnish ethno group Värttinä. A heavy danceable groover and without the folk part it would be a dance-floor hit. But especially this folk / ethno elements make the song outstanding. For me one of the highlights on Release Date!
Again this is an album which you will love or hate. The guys never choose the easy way and so I can only recommend open-minded fans to give it a try, but still this is challenging! Waltari fans will buy this CD anyway.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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