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On disc: Steve Walsh

- Glossolalia - Amir Djawadi - 5 stars


(Magna Carta - 2002)

Steve Walsh describes his solo debut as the result of massive changes in his life which he had to cope with at least. Partly he had to give up things which were part of his life. He learnt that you can live without certain things, even if you can't imagine before.
He had a career as the front man of Kansas, but then it was time for some changes in his musical life. He now is doing his own thing, started a solo career, but with a little help of some big names of the music world.
Virgil Donati - top drummer from Down Under - is hitting the skins while prod idol Trent Gardner and Mike Slamer are on the 6-strings. The four strings are played by Billy Greer while Mr. Walsh is singing and playing keyboards. Others add instruments like the Hammond organ to give this CD the special something. The quintet offers 10 great tracks which should be interesting for everyone who is in prog rock. Glossolalia is an album which has all the essentials a prog album needs. The production was in the hands of Trent Gardner and Mr. Steve Walsh himself. So the album is balanced between calm melancholy and rocking sounds in it's entirety. Atmosphere and changing moods are created by the changing use of different instruments. The vary vocals gives the songs their personality and which reflect different moods.
Even if the compositions on this album are really progressive they never push it too far and are always easy to listen to and enjoyable.

5 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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