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In Words: Vulvark

- Nihilaz - Jan. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -


Nihilaz - January 5th 2010 (by email)

Vulvark is a one-man project which in the underground was well received. I took the chance to send Nihilaz a few questions to learn more about Vulvark and the man behind the music!

Vulvark is a one-man project... The best way for you to express yourself? To have totally creative freedom?

Yes, both. I played in bands and still do at times, but with Vulvark I wanted to keep a clear focus on my very own personal expression without any compromises or discussions. The more people are involved in a project, the more you are about losing your very own way. It's natural, because everybody wants to bring in it's own ideas and stuff. It was just about time. Further on, there never was space in Vulvark for other people's ideas and I doubt that anybody could follow my way during the time of creating this album.

Your first release, the EP, was limited to 100 copies... Vinyl. Why did you choose this way?

I had no interest in doing a demo or looking for a record label. I recorded these two songs and wanted them to be released, so I simply did it on my own.
Vinyl is a classic format. I've been buying vinyl since ages, so it seemed like a natural thing to me, to release that piece on vinyl.

It took quite some time til your full-length debut got released. What took so long?

There was no need to hurry and I wanted to let the music grow and evolve the way it needed to.

The songs are very atmospheric and intense - and they partly cross the boarders of black metal. Is it important for you free yourself from limitations?

Yes, absolutely. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a necessity for me to make music. Would it make any sense to repeat, what has been done already, again and again?
All kinds of limitations been given by borders or rules are boring and completely worthless.
But I wouldn't say, that I'm about to free myself from limitations, I simply don't care, I never did.

Do you think that the majority of black metal bands are too limited and so kinda copy themselves over and over again?

Well, this is definitely a phenomenon you'll find in all kinds of music. Honestly, I don't know too much about the majority of BM bands. I think, there are always a few innovative artists and then there are a lot of copycats. The latter usually drown in boredom and I keep my eye on those, who I think are interesting. I avoid spending time with the boring stuff.
There is always something going on and it's up to everybody to encounter the quality stuff.
Personally, I enjoy the stranger and weirder stuff the most, but some true-to-the-bone-bands are fabulous, too.

Where do you find inspiration?

My whole life is my true source of inspiration. Everything I see and hear or experience, if you like.

As a one-man-band it seems impossible to get Vulvark on stage... Are you thinking about a live band?

Yes, I do. A befriended band of mine offered their services and I'm gladly to be the one to accept it. Preparations have already begun, but the difficulties are yet to be seen in the arrangements of schedules of the involved.

These days it seems that soon after a show some videos pop up at YouTube... Not to talk about all the illegal downloads... Do you have an idea how to fight this?


Or do we have to live with it?

I think so, yes. It's just the technical possibilities of the present day. Obviously almost everybody is into it and up to using it.
But Vn Records for example is doing pretty much everything to make their releases coming out as really worthwhile items of extremely high quality. I totally support this and in the end, it's up to the people, if they prefer to be stuck with a crappy mp3 file and a digital cover in thumbnail size or spend some cash for the real thing. Haha, what a difficult decision...

It seems that countless bands pop up every day... But quantity doesn't necessarily means quality. Is the competition make it tougher to survive in the big pond?

I don't know. Maybe, but on the other hand, the possibilities to reach or get in touch with interested and like-minded people are way better, than let's say 20 years ago, too.

What's next on your schedule?

The live version of Vulvark and some new recordings will be the next things to come.
A vinyl version of the album is planned, too.

I have to thank Nihilaz very much for answering my questions and I really hope that he brings Vulvark on stage, coz I think that many will love to see him live. And perhaps this experience will fuel the fire and that there soon will be another release.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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