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In Words: Voices Of Destiny

- Voices Of Destiny - Mar. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Jens - Jan. 2012 - Lars Bjørn -

Voices Of Destiny
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Voices Of Destiny have a new album out, Power Dive. What happened since the release of From The Ashes? And what are their future plans? Bassist Jens Hartwig was so kind to answer our questions!

This is certainly not the last time we hear about Voices Of Destiny. Now you are back with your new album Power Dive. When did you start to write songs for the album?

Thanks for believing in us! :) Lukas started writing songs for our new album back in the days From The Ashes came out – with one exception: the song Red Winter's Snow Part I is actually a really old song we revised heavily since we all liked the basic structure and theme of the song. It's definitely a great feeling for us to hear this old song working so well now on the new album.

How about the recording work for Power Dive, how long did it take to record the album?

The actual recordings took place between March and September 2011. It was a very focused process we all enjoyed a lot. As usual we made a little pre-production before the actual recordings to see which parts or songs work and which don't. This pre-preproduction is also the first brick we presented to Andy Horn, our producer, to discuss the journey's direction with him.

Jan Yrlund made the cover art for Power Dive... How is his cover tied to the album and it's ideas?

The cover artwork represents the idea and title of the album and the first song on the CD. You can see a woman being pushed out of a massive window and tumbling down into vast depth – power dive all in all.

There are many good songs on Power Dive, but do you have a favorite amongst the new songs? And why?

This answer can't be answered satisfying. Ever member of the band has his / her favorite songs, but it is hard to focus on one favorite. We like all songs on the album – otherwise they won't have ended up to the album.

Now you are on YouTube already with My Separation. Any plans to make concert videos or official videos of some other songs?

Yes, we plan to do another video this year. My Separation is pure performance video where the other one will be made with a real story.

I guess you already got some feedback about the new album already. Are you satisfied so far?

Yes, we are. Of course you'll always receive both negative and positive feedback, but we make things we like them to do. We don't ignore criticism, but try to focus on our way.

How was the process about getting Maike Holzmann into the band? I can only say that it is a success....

Thank you very much! We think the same. She joined the band back in 2005 while we intensively searched for a new singer. We rehearsed with her and it made click – that's all! :)

What's next, do you have more songs that needs to be prepared, or are you concentrating about playing live concerts in the nearest future?

We now concentrate on playing as many shows we can get. Writing new songs and stuff like that can always be done simultaneously. Whenever we have to feeling to work on new material, we'll do it.

Talking about the internet.... Social network is both a blessing and a curse. What's your opinion about it?

It is a blessing! You can reach so many people from two or three centralized platforms – all instantly. People don't have to interact consciously with your website or stuff like that. They are informed at the same time they read what their friends do. That's awesome from our point of view. We also focus on using other platforms like smartphones or tablet PCs. We developed or own Android App and plan to do more in that area in the near future.

Anything more you want to add?

Thanks to everyone for your support. We created our new album with the best we could give. So enjoy it as much as possible. :)

Sounds like Voices Of Destiny have a lot plans and try to use the new media to their advantage. Not every band is thinking about apps & co., so I think we will hear / see a lot of them on different media platforms - and hopefully on stage.

Lars Bjørn


Voices Of Destiny
© Voices Of Destiny

Voices Of Destiny - March 14th 2010 (by email)

With Voices Of Destiny a new female-fronted metal band is entering the scene. As they just presented their debut album From The Ashes it was time to shed some light on Voices Of Destiny!

Even as you did a demo a few years back, for most Voices Of Destiny are nobodies. Please tell us about how VoD came to life!

Chris, the guitarist and Jens, the bass player started the band in spring 2004. After a short while they invited Erik, the drummer and Lukas, the keyboarder to join their project. In October 2005 after playing a few smaller shows in the area the decision was made to separate from their singer at that time. Already in November of the same year Maike joined the band to complete the perfect line-up of Voices of Destiny.

Can you tell us why you named the band Voices Of Destiny? The album title From The Ashes suggested a kind of comeback... What's coming back?

Actually it was a spontaneous idea to name our band Voices Of Destiny. Our drummer Erik came up with it and we liked the sound and the meaning. It just fits the style of our music perfectly. Anyway we do not attach too much importance to the name. It's all about the music.
The title From The Ashes and the complete album itself is a request and an encouragement to consider the results of past happenings and to start all over again. Additionally we just found it ironic to give our first album a title that sounds like a second chance or a rebirth although there was nothing before.

Lately there are many female-fronted symphonic metal bands, never been afraid that people might grow tired of it? And what makes VoD differ from others?

In our opinion it's not like there are so many female-fronted metal bands. Nobody cares about how many metal bands have male singers so why complain about bands that have female vocalists? But since we don't make music only for other people but for ourselves too, we do it the way we like to. People are free to like or dislike it for any reason.

I don't know the demo, so have the male vocals always been part of your sound? Or did you add this element just when you started working on the songs for From The Ashes?

This kind of vocals can also be found on our EP Dare To Reach, but we definitly increased them. They are an important part of our music but it's actually not a long time since we started integrating them, maybe about two years.

What musical background do you have? Which bands / artists made you start playing?

As we started the band in 2004 our main influence surely were bands such as Epica, Nightwish and so on. But in the past two years more and more heavy parts with shouts and growls appeared in our songs. To name some bands which inspired us: Soilwork, In Flames, etc.

Usually everybody has his/her own vision when it comes to music. Was it difficult to find the right people? The ones who share the same vision?

In fact this was never a big issue for us, because we all have quite the same vision of what our music should sound like. There are sometimes discussions about details while working on new songs but since we are kind of a democratic band it usually is not a big problem. Anyway we all developed the style of our music in common. So it never was about finding the right people but finding the music which we felt comfortable with.

Lyrically you aren't dealing with fairytales... So, what inspires you?

Every single song has its very individual background and is connected to personal experiences. Most of them are about feelings, opinions and states of mind. Some other level criticism to the society and its effects on the earth.

The cover is done by Mattias Noren. Label suggestion? Or was he your first choice? Was it a suggestion by Noren? Or did you have a vision how it should look like?

It was our own choice to work with Mattias Noren. The suggestion of the label was actually someone else but we knew some covers Mattias had created so we just asked him if he was into it.

Let's talk again about the music... Even if the whole album could be streamed, which songs represent Voices Of Destiny best?

For example Endeavour To Live and Return From The Ashes are good representatives for our style of music. They include all the elements Voices Of Destiny is about: heavy riffs, nice orchestra and grim shouts as well as beautiful clean vocals.

You did give the people a view behind the scenes with your video studio report. But what about a video clip? Anything planned?

Not yet. Of course we would love to do a professional music video but at the moment there is just no budget for something like that.

I guess it's too early to talk about a tour and/or festivals.... Or can you share any news regarding live performances with us?

Unfortunately you are right, at this time it's too early to talk about touring, but we hope to be able to announce some bigger live shows in the near future.

So, what's on your schedule for 2010?

We are going to play as much shows as possible to promote From The Ashes and in summer it's time to start the preproduction for the next album.

Thank You!

I think it's not the last time we heard about VoD, try to catch them live!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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