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On stage: Voodoo Circle

- Voodoo Circle - May 2009 - Saarbrücken (D) -

- Voodoo Circle 'Rockstars United Tribute Show' -
- May 9th 2009 - Saarbrücken (D), Congresshalle -

This was an really exciting event! Voodoo Circle, the new band of Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force, ex-Sinner), David Readman (Pink Cream 69), Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds, Tina Turner) Jimmy Kresic and Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear) did make a guest appearance at the AWO employee feast. Unfortunately, Mat Sinner had some other activity's so that he didn't were part of the show. But there was an really good replacement who played the whole gig.
They started the show with Ain't No Sunshine and some really old but classical rock songs like Black Night, Whole Lotta Love and Smoke On The Water. The band were at their best. Every musician had time to show his skills. They had fun - especially Alex who used his new effect board for the very first time - on the stage and the mood was relaxed. During the break I asked Alex about how many times they had rehearsed and he answered: "There wasn't even one rehearsal before this gig!". And then I only could say: "Wow, what a fuckin# great show!". The guest bass player answered with: "These are songs everybody knows. So why do we have to rehearse?" There even travelled two women from Barcelona by plane to this show, to see the band live! All in all it was a really nice show with great legendary music and even legends on the stage!

Philip Thelen


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